Christmas Day

Santa must know that Jacen was VERY good this year.  Jace ended up with two stockings and a ton of exciting new presents!

We started the morning with stockings and cinnamon rolls.  Adam wore his new sweatshirt and Jace wore his Christmas jammies.
IMG_8512 IMG_8520

Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  Getting Jace to pull things out of his stocking was a bit of a challenge.  He liked to pick up one item, then hand it to either Adam or me, then wait to see what we were going to do with it.  He didn’t want to get the next item out until he’d fully appreciated each item individually.  Jace got a green wind-up frog that hops around on the floor.  He was pretty entertained (so was Claire!).IMG_8535 IMG_8545

Eventually we started opening presents from under the tree.  I’m guessing next year will be the year when Jace wants to go crazy and just tear into everything.  This year, his unwrapping style was very refined.  He did like tearing bows off of items, but when it came to the wrapping paper, he was very mellow.  And he didn’t like the idea of paper being strewn all over the floor.  In fact, he carefully picked up all scraps of paper before opening the next present.  Every single time.

Carefully Unwrapping the Presents – video

Jace got some great new toys!  We really liked the wrapping on this item (the note says “sort of wrapped, but still able to breathe”).  And in true toddler fashion, Jace was often more interested in the empty boxes than the items they contained.IMG_8563 IMG_8574

We finally hit a point where Jace did NOT want anymore presents, so we realized it was time for a nap.
IMG_8605 (2) IMG_8604

After the nap, Jace was ready for more toys.  Most of his new presents have buttons, which is a huge hit!  He even got an electric toothbrush – with a huge red “spin” button.  I’m not sure if he was brushing his teeth or using the toothbrush as a teething ring, but he sure liked chewing on it….
IMG_8605 (1) IMG_8568 IMG_8617 IMG_8582

It’s amazing what a difference a year makes, isn’t it?  I know I just posted the car seat comparison pictures, but here’s a Christmas Day picture comparison.December (115) IMG_8636

After we’d opened (almost) all the presents, we started playing with bows.  I stuck a red bow on Jace’s head.  Then I stuck a tiny red bow on my nose.  Jace has a thing about noses.  He finds them hilarious.  And apparently having  a bow on your nose is just about the funniest thing ever!  In the video you can clearly tell when the bow falls off my nose.  Jace stops laughing and his eyes track the bow all the way to the ground.  I got the bow back, and he was happy again, but I stopped the video.  He laughed about the bow on my nose for a good five minutes.  He’s so funny!

Laughing on Christmas Day – video

Jace was definitely the cutest present under the tree.  He’s the best!!!!


One thought on “Christmas Day

  1. His laugh is sooo cute! Not to mention the way he unwraps/cleans! What personality!!
    What a perfect little present he is!!!!

    Merry Christmas!

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