Candy Cane Train

Jace is pretty funny.  I’m not sure what he and Adam were doing the other day, but I walked past the guest room upstairs and Jace was standing by Adam’s desk, wearing one of Adam’s shirts.  It looks very wizard robe/Harry Potter-ish to me.  In a very cute way.  Later that day, we headed to Target for candles.  Jace tripped.  He didn’t get hurt, but he wasn’t thrilled to find himself sitting on the floor.  Adam reached down, grabbed him by both wrists, and Jace flew into the air.  Adam spun him a tiny bit, then set him down.  Jace looooved it.  In fact, he thought it was so great that as soon as Adam let go of his wrists, he collapsed to the floor and lay down on his back – with his arms full extended – so Adam could do it again.  It was cute, so Adam reached down, flew him into the air, spun him, and set him down again.  Jace immediately dropped back to the floor for another round.  And another.  And another.  Finally we had to put Jace in the cart so we could continue our shopping!

So, why were we out shopping for candles?  Because, in Adam’s words, we have a collection of flammable festivities!  At dinner every night, we have our menorah, a nativity carousel, and a Santa and reindeer chime.  We’re all pretty fascinated when they’re all lit at the same time.

Today we went on the Candy Cane Train.  It was fun!  Adam and Jace watched the engine attach to the front of the train.  We boarded the car and found great seats.
IMG_8234 IMG_8237

Mrs. Claus handed out candy canes.  Jace chewed on them for a while before discovering that they taste much yummier after you remove the plastic wrapper.
IMG_8238 (1) IMG_8238 (3)

Once the train got under way, Santa came to visit!  Jace wasn’t so sure about Santa….IMG_8238 (4) IMG_8238 (5)

We got two pictures with Santa.  I decided to post both.  First, here’s a picture with everyone looking at the camera:
IMG_8238 (7)

And here’s a picture that shows Jace and Santa sizing each other up!  Maybe Jace will start liking Santa NEXT year.
IMG_8238 (6)

The train ride was nice.  We had two benches to ourselves and Jace spent the majority of the time staring out the window.
IMG_8288 IMG_8256

As a method of getting Jace to look at the camera, Adam sometimes does a wolf howl.  It works pretty well, but sometimes Jace likes to howl back.  Makes for cute pictures!
IMG_8238 (10) IMG_8257

We had a great time on the Candy Cane Train!
IMG_8238 (8) IMG_8263IMG_8238 (9)


2 thoughts on “Candy Cane Train

  1. Totally adorable, as always! Remember, long ago, when he was just a baby? Could you even imagine he would be this much fun? And once he starts talking, life will really take off. [Piece of advice: Do NOT teach him the word “NO.” He will use it against you once he turns 2, 🙂 (wal)

  2. The candy cane train- nooo way!! When I think your family can’t get anymore adorable- you find a way to out do yourself! Toooo cute!
    You got one funny kid! Ok and Adam’s funny too- howling to get a smile, hey whatever works right?
    Merry Christmas Eve!!

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