Santa Claus Came to Town!

Our township is pretty awesome.  On Saturday morning, Santa walked up and down every street in the neighborhood and handed out candy canes and apples to everyone who came out to say hi.  He even had a fire truck entourage!  Jace didn’t care much about Santa, but he did like watching the lights on the fire truck.

We headed to the mall to finish up our last minute Christmas shopping.  All we needed was stocking stuffers and I’m pretty sure we are both 100% done shopping now.  Yay!  Jace had fun at the mall, but he is teething pretty seriously right now.  Look at all those fingers in his mouth!  He’s actually given himself several chapped areas around his mouth as a result of all the slobbering.  Despite the teething pain, he’s still fairly happy and was quite excited to play with buttons on the quarter rides.  It’s great – the buttons flash without requiring any coins!
IMG_8036 IMG_8037

I’ve always heard that babies care more about the empty box than the present the box contained.  Well, it’s true.  I’m sure Jace will like all his new presents once he gets to open them, but for now he’s pretty darn happy with all the boxes.  Locking Jace in the box with all his markers seemed like a great idea.  However, he decided coloring on his arms and face was more fun than coloring on the box.  I traded out the markers for crayons, but as you can see, he decided to eat the crayons.  Sigh!
IMG_8039 IMG_8043 IMG_8045

Adam caught a nasty cold at work, so he’s been sleeping in this week.  Jace gets so excited when he realizes his Daddy is still at home in the mornings when he wakes up!  I’m sure it’s not conducive to the whole “getting extra rest” thing, but Jace likes to climb onto the bed to say good morning.  They’re so cute together!

In an effort to let Adam sleep, Jace and I headed to Crayola.  The Toddler Town area is tons of fun.
IMG_8130 IMG_8138

Lastly, Jace got a new car seat!  No great pictures of him in his new car seat yet, but I do have a final picture of him in the infant seat.  I didn’t realize how big he was getting for that little car seat.  I knew it was rated to 35lbs.  Jace is 27.5lbs right now.  But as far as height goes, he’s definitely beyond the specs.  So, here ya go.  Pictures of Jace the first time he sat in his infant car seat and the last time he sat in his infant car seat.  The pictures are almost exactly 18 months apart, almost exactly 22 pounds apart, and almost exactly 15 inches apart.  He’s so big and healthy now!  And cute!
IMG_8167 IMG_8168 IMG_8158 IMG_8159


2 thoughts on “Santa Claus Came to Town!

  1. Those pictures are so incredible! He was so tiny! And now he’s so big! And so smiley! And what are you doing awake at 12:30 a.m.? What am *I* doing awake at 12:30 a.m.? I’m going to bed! xoxo WAL

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