Summer, Winter, and Thanksgiving

We had quite the swing in weather this week.  Monday was a gorgeous day.  Temperatures reached 70F and it really felt like summer.  Jace and I took full advantage of the weather and played at the park.  We did lots of swinging and running, tossed rocks through the storm grate, and splashed in the tiniest rain puddle on the tennis court.  Check out the length of his hair!  He got a haircut the next day (and it looks really good).
IMG_4000 (1)
IMG_4000 (2) IMG_4000 (3) IMG_4000 (4) IMG_4000 (5) IMG_4000 (6)

Nap time ended right as Adam was getting home, so Jace, Cuervo, and I waved from the window.  Then we had snack.  Jace loves guacamole.  He’ll hand you a chip, watch you dip it, then he’ll suck the guacamole off the chip.  Then he hands it back to you to dip again.  Cuervo really likes that snack, ’cause he ends up with a lot of soggy chips!IMG_4072 IMG_4073

Jace is teething again (still?).  Despite some fussy nights and a LOT of chewing on his fingers, he’s been in a pretty good mood.  He’s so much fun.  And he loves laughing!
IMG_4077 IMG_4081 IMG_4108

After our sunny weather on Monday, we ended up with a snowstorm on Wednesday.  It was really pretty.  We spent the last 5 years in Tennessee and the year before that in Texas, so it has been a while since Adam and I have had a snowy winter.  Jace seemed to like the snow, even though it was too cold and wet and windy to play.  Instead, we headed out shopping so he could use up some energy exploring.  He found a Ninja Turtle backpack at Target.  He liked hugging it, but he looked even cuter wearing it and running around the store!
IMG_4110 (2) IMG_4117

Thanksgiving was a fun family day.  Dinner was yummy and Jace discovered that he loves chocolate pudding pie.  And cool whip.
IMG_4127 IMG_4128

On Friday, we did some mid-afternoon Black Friday shopping.  Since the stores opened at 6pm the day before, the crowds really weren’t too terrible.  Jace had fun pushing the cart, playing with the buttons on the drinking fountain and the freeosk, playing in the toy aisle with his daddy, and waving “bye” to every single person we walked past.  He’s very social.
IMG_4149 IMG_4150 (1)

When we got home, both cats wasted no time climbing into the bags to inspect our purchases.  This bag was the favorite, so they took turns hiding in there all day.IMG_4145 IMG_4146

It was still pretty cold, so I thought we’d just hang out inside.  That was a bad plan.  Jace got into trouble every time I’d turn my back.  I walked to the sink to get a paper towel to clean up his face and hands.  While I was gone, he put both hands on the wall (in multiple spots) and then kissed the wall and window.  Messy!  A while later, Jace was happily coloring on the white board, so I thought I could run to the basement to get the wrapping paper.  Jace is great at coloring only on the white board.  Until I leave the room.  Then, apparently, the walls are fair game.  A while after that, I walked around the corner to grab another roll of tape, and Jace took it upon himself to unwrap the presents I had just finished wrapping.  At that point, I decided it was time to play outside.  So we headed out.  He was less interested in playing in the snow than he was in pointing at the keypad for the garage door and asking to push the buttons.  In any case, Jace gets himself in a lot less trouble when he’s bundled up so much he can barely move!
 IMG_7396 IMG_7446 IMG_7445
IMG_4160 (1)
IMG_4165IMG_4160 (2)

Jace likes to play with the dishwasher.  He opens and closes the door, pulls the racks in and out, and pushes the buttons on the display.  I think it’s cute when he’s focused on pushing the sliding rails because it requires so much concentration that he sticks his little tongue out!
IMG_7487 IMG_7492 (2)

Last night, Adam and I went on a triple date with Jen and Paul (and Jace and Chloe!).

Jace discovered a little “bench” that was the perfect height.  He sat down and Chloe headed over to sit with him.  I was trying to get Jace to smile, but wasn’t having much luck.  When Chloe sat down, she missed the bench a little bit.  And THAT made Jace smile.  Eventually they both figured out how to sit on the bench together.
IMG_7507 IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7511

After dinner we went to Lights in the Parkway.  You drive your car through the park and they have lots of big light displays.  It was pretty!  We met Santa afterwards, but Jace and Chloe wanted nothing to do with him.  Neither could be convinced to sit on Santa’s lap long enough for a picture.  They did get mini candy canes out of the encounter, so they were happy.

Lastly, here are two movies from this week.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce – video
Adam and Jace playing with the big exercise ball.  This game makes Jace laugh every time!

Playing Around – video
We got out our Christmas decorations.  Jace started walking on the box with our countdown snowman.  I’m not sure why it was so funny, be he had a great time.

And now it’s time to go decorate for Christmas!


One thought on “Summer, Winter, and Thanksgiving

  1. I love how he curls his little toes over the edge of the box before he jumps. He’ll probably do the same thing in ten years or so, when he jumps off the high dive. xoxo wal

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