A Year and Half!

Jacen is 18 months old today.  1.5 years.  Wow!

With the holidays getting close, we’ve been busy.  Crayola is decorated for Christmas, which is really fun.  We played on the quarter rides outside of Kohl’s (and the comic book store) when we were doing some early Christmas shopping….IMG_3989 IMG_3990

Jace decided we should eat potatoes more often.  And he got a tiny bit braver at story hour.  The first time we went to story hour, he wasn’t very sure about it.  He was on the verge of tears most of the time (though he never cried!).  I think it was a combination of a new (loud) environment and teething pain.  This week, he was a little bit more comfortable.  He spent the first 20 minutes in my lap, but decided to go exploring once the basket of books got placed on the floor.
IMG_4023 IMG_4024 (2)

Jace helped me do some more Christmas shopping at Target.  He discovered a drum set.  The surface of the drums light up, making them look like giant flashing buttons.  Jace looooves pushing buttons.  He sat on the floor in the toy aisle for over 15 minutes playing with the toys and waving at the people walking by the aisle.  The next day we headed to see the pediatrician for his 18 month check up.  Jace did NOT enjoy that.  He started screaming when the nurse came in to get his height and weight and didn’t stop crying until we were checking out and he saw the jar of suckers.  It was a special occasion, so he got a sucker.  And turned himself and everything around him into a sticky mess in about 4 seconds.  At least he was happy.
IMG_4024 (3) IMG_4024 (3a)

While I wiped down the entire playroom, Jace sat inside our new suitcase and made faces at himself in the mirror.  It was really cute.
IMG_4024 (5) IMG_4024 (4)

Cody has discovered a new place to hang out.  We really need to figure out how to get the front of that drawer to stay attached….  And Jace and Adam spent a lot of time together reading books.
IMG_4024 (8) IMG_4024 (9)

Which brings us to today.  Jace and I were up early, as usual, and we played in the playroom.  When Adam got up, he suggested I go back to bed for a little while.  So I did.  Adam and Jace seemed to have a great time.  I listened for them occasionally and never heard any crying.  When I came back downstairs, Adam told me about the books they read, the towers they built, and the toys they played with.  It sounded like they had fun.  Tonight, in preparation for posting, I went through the pictures on Adam’s phone to see if there were any I wanted to use.  And I found this one.  Apparently another one of the games Adam and Jace played this morning was “try-and-stuff-all-nine-cubes-from-the-block-puzzle-into-the-hood-of-Jace’s-shirt-without-him-noticing”.  Adam was proud to say he won at that game.  And here’s the picture as proof.  Guys are weird!

Tonight we had balsamic vinegar to celebrate Jace’s half birthday.  He loved it.  He dipped tomatoes and cucumbers.  When we moved on to the main course (macaroni and cheese), Jace demanded to dip that too.  He ate a ton, made quite the mess, and had a great time.  Though we did have to change his outfit before taking the 18-month pictures.
IMG_4035 IMG_4038 IMG_4039 IMG_4057

As you’ll recall, taking pictures when Jace was 15 months old was quite the ordeal.  The evening ended with Adam throwing the blanket over his head while he held Jace in one hand and the lion in the other hand.  We were prepared for another long photo shoot tonight, but Jace had other ideas.  He grabbed his lion, walked over to the blanket, looked right at me, and smiled.  It was awesome!  After smiling, he proceeded to press the lion’s nose (like a button) and then laugh about it.  Over and over.  He’s funny.  So here are the 18-month pictures.  Complete with celebratory high fives at the end (for Jace AND the lion).  It’s crazy to think that Jace used to be about the same size as the lion….  He’s so big now!  And wonderful!IMG_7299 IMG_7309 IMG_7315 IMG_7325 IMG_7330


One thought on “A Year and Half!

  1. Wow! It sounds like you actually put quarters in the quarter rides! Much nicer mommy than I was for Sarah and Dave. I would seat them on the ride and then shake it. Yup. Cheap as can be, but hey, we had NO money back then. 🙂

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