Playing, Falling, and Playing

Jace likes to explore.  He’s gotten pretty brave on our street!  On Wednesday, I was outside raking leaves.  Jace was hanging out with me and just started venturing further and further and further away.  He made sure he could always see me, but he was definitely trying out some independence.  The only issue was that he definitely did not come back to me when I call him.  When I’d walk towards him, he’d think we were playing chase and would just run further away!  Here’s a picture of him exploring the path at the end of the cul-de-sac.  I was at the driveway and he made it to the start of the path.  He waited there until I was headed his direction, then took off down the path.  He waited midway down the path until I made the corner and he could see me again.  It was definitely his idea of a fun game.  On the up side, that much walking/running left him exhausted and ready for a nap!  The other picture is just Jace being silly….

After a GREAT nap, Jace was up and ready to play again.  He’s all about slides lately, so the slide in our living room is a big hit.
IMG_3851 IMG_3854

On Thursday Jace decided to wake up at 3am.  Ay yi yi.  We dozed until 5:30am, but then he was absolutely UP for the day.  We don’t usually get up early enough to see Adam before he leaves for work, so Jace was really excited to get some Daddy time in the morning!

After Adam left, we headed downstairs for pajama playtime.  Jace went straight to the mirror.  He would stare himself down, then smile.  Then stare himself down, then smile.  Over and over.  It was cracking me up!
IMG_6518 IMG_6519 IMG_6520 IMG_6522

We played and played and played, then headed to Crayola with Jen and Chloe.  Jace and Chloe are so cute together!  Jace had a friend to walk the ramps (a favorite activity), play in the Toddler Area, and explore Crayola!
IMG_6530 IMG_6532 IMG_6533 IMG_6535 IMG_6540 IMG_6546 IMG_6547

The trip ended abruptly when Jace face planted.  It was so sad.  I was 3 inches away.  He was fine and stable.  And all of a sudden he was on his face on the floor.  He howled for a minute or two, then seemed okay.  But boy did he get a bump on his head!  We iced it and he took a realllllly long nap (probably because he got up at 3am?!).  I woke him during the nap to be sure he was okay.  He seemed fine.  And now, two days later, there’s barely even a bruise (not a great picture, but really, there’s only a small yellowish mark).  I’m impressed with his healing ability.  Yay Jace!IMG_6551 IMG_6664 - Copy

That night, Jace helped Adam cook dinner.  They were both blowing on the pot of water (macaroni and cheese!) so it wouldn’t bubble over.  Very cute.  Then Jace contented himself to hanging out in the kitchen taking notes!IMG_6555 IMG_6564

Friday was a less fun day.  30 years of walking experience and I still some how managed to fall down.  What the heck?!?!  I was carrying Jace at the time and he came out of the fall a bit scared, but fine overall.  My leg hurt – a lot – but I figured it was just a pulled muscle.  I limped around for the rest of the day, then headed to Urgent Care when Adam got home.  They did x-rays, said I was fine, and sent me home.  I figured I was just being a wimp about it, so I tried to ignore how much it hurt and made myself do lots of walking – and tried to carry Jace as much as he wanted.  The next day Urgent Care called back to say they’d had a radiologist look at the x-rays and the determined I’d fractured my fibula and I need to put absolutely no weight on the leg.  They gave me a ridiculously huge brace (which I wore for about 10 minutes) and crutches.  How the heck am I supposed to take care of Jace – a super active toddler – on crutches?!  UGH!  Anyways, Jace was pretty cute at Urgent Care.  He even signed my discharge paperwork for me!
IMG_3863 IMG_3865

Since I’m not chasing him around the house now, Jace got extra play time today with his Daddy.  They had fun together.  I’m glad it’s a weekend!
IMG_6574 IMG_6586IMG_6661 IMG_6663


One thought on “Playing, Falling, and Playing

  1. It’s more like playing, falling- bumps, bruises, broken bones- oh my! My goodness! Never a dull moment!! I guess Jace will have to step up and help you out!

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