Jace is great.  He likes “doing” things.  If something looks like it can be opened, he wants to open it.  If it looks like a lid can be pulled off/snapped shut, he wants to do it.  If he see you dry a dish, he wants to dry a dish.  He wants to flip the light switches, flush the toilet, turn the faucet on and off (and on and off and on and off).  It’s a bit trying at times, but for the most part it’s just really fun watching him explore the world.  His latest “action” is blowing.  He blows bubbles in his sippy cup, blows on every bite of food to make sure it’s cool (even when he’s eating cold cubes of cheese), and now he’s discovered bubble soap and he’s on a mission to blow bubbles.  He’s gonna have a tough time with that, ’cause I poured all the bubble soap out, but he still tries.  It’s a cute process.  He brings me the toy and has me unscrew the bubble wand.  Then he pulls the wand out by himself, puts the wand back in, claps for himself ’cause it’s a challenge to get the little wand into the container, dips it, then pulls the wand out and tries to blow bubbles.  And repeat.  Very cute.

But the big news this week is focused on TEETH.  Jace is teething like crazy.  He’s had six teeth for a while now (four on the top, two on the bottom).  Recently, all four of his first molars started showing up.  Three have just barely broken the surface of his gums and the fourth one is on the way.  He’s been sucking on popsicles to help with the pain.  It helps a little, I think, but it’s been a bit harder to get smiles out of Jace lately.  Look at his sad little face!  Poor Jace!
IMG_6469 IMG_6473

Today was Jace’s first trip to the dentist!  Our friends, Jen and Chloe, suggested we go see their dentist.  The guy is amazing – he was really nice to Jace and spent lots of time answering our questions and telling us about proper tooth care.  By his official count, Jace has nine visible teeth and incredibly tender looking gums.  I figured since you could see the edge of three of the four molars we were almost done with this round of teething.  But the dentist says it will take another three to four weeks for the teeth to cut the rest of the way through the gums.  Owwwie.  I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

The dentist says it’s a little unusual that Jace is getting his molars since he only has two of his bottom front teeth (not four), but that he’s not concerned.  He guesses that they’ll show up in the next few months.  Jace cried during the exam and cleaning, but he was happy again as soon as everyone got their fingers out of his mouth….  Jace got a new tooth brush, a bunch of stickers, a coloring page, and a little stuffed dinosaur.  Not bad for a trip to the dentist!  Plus, he had a great time playing in the waiting room!
IMG_6471 IMG_6474

After we left the dentist’s office, we went to play at Chloe’s house.  Jace crunched through some leaves, met the chickens, chased the cats, checked out all of Chloe’s toys, played in the sandbox, and ate a huge lunch (lunch is not typically a big meal for him, but I guess he worked up an appetite).  With Jace being so distracted by his sore gums it’s tough to capture any pictures of him smiling.  But despite the sulky expression, he really did have a good time playing.
IMG_6482 IMG_6485 IMG_6494

We headed home and Jace was ready for naptime.  I love days when we can play outside.  And the fact that it usually leads to a decent nap is just an added bonus!


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