Happy Halloween!

We had a great October 31st!  We spent the morning at the park with our new friends.  Jace and Chloe both like to share.  They spend a lot of time picking up items (leaves, bark, snacks) and handing them to each other.  It’s cute.
IMG_6274 IMG_6275 IMG_6276
  IMG_6267 IMG_6277

Jace is still sick/teething/grumpy, so we had a low-key afternoon.  The highlight was the squirrel-watching.  Cuervo and Jace are so excited when you can see a squirrel from the bedroom window (see the squirrel on the corner of the roof?).  “Squirrel” is one of Jace’s new words.  Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating!
IMG_6288 IMG_6297

Jen and I had big plans to get a picture of Jace and Chloe together.  Sounds like an easy task, but it was pretty much impossible.  We sure tried hard though….  As soon as Jace would hold still, Chloe would take off.  As soon as Chloe was posed, Jace would pull of his ears and turn his back to the camera.  When we’d set them down next to each other, they would immediately walk in different directions.  Tricky!
IMG_6303 IMG_6305

Jace and Chloe were both very interested in the huge inflatable cat in the yard down the street from us.  We walked down to check it out, and tried (TRIED) to get a picture of the two of them together.
IMG_6308 IMG_6324
IMG_6350 (2)

After checking out the big kitty, we walked back to our house for a few more pictures.
IMG_6351 IMG_6360IMG_6353 IMG_6390

Then it was time to trick or treat!  Jace, Jen, Chloe, and I went to a few houses, then Adam and Jace trick or treated the other side of the street.  I think Jace enjoyed it.  He was very good at choosing his own candy (one piece at a time) and he waved and said “bye” to everyone that gave us candy.
IMG_6403 IMG_6407

After trick or treating, Jace was content to watch out the window, help us hand out candy, and eat a few lollypops.  We had about 120 trick or treaters.
IMG_6408 (1) IMG_6413

Jace has changed so much in the past year….  5 months versus 17 months is a biiiiig difference.  It was fun having him show some interest in the costumes and the candy this year.  Happy Halloween!
IMG_6409 IMG_6408 (2)October (56) october (57)


One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Jace is the cutest lion I have ever seen! And, I’m so happy he has a little playmate! Thanks for the pics! xoxo Oh! Happy Halloween!

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