Too Much Fun at the Grocery Store

Jace has discovered slides.  He loves them.  We go down the big slides together (he has a tendency to lean forward and flip, catch his feet and flip, or just rocket off the end of the slide when he goes down by himself), but he does a great job going solo on the smaller ones!  When we’re not at the park, coloring continues to be a favorite past time.
IMG_6128 IMG_6129

We love our grocery store.  I’ve taken entirely too many pictures inside the grocery store, but here are a few more….  On Monday, the grocery store got “Customer In Training” mini-shopping carts.  They’re Jace-size!
IMG_5957  IMG_6003

Usually we walk to the grocery store, which means Jace is in the stroller until we’re inside the store.  Tonight we drove, so Jace got to walk into the store.  On his way in, he saw the car-carts.  And he was hooked.  The cars have actual horns in them.  He was unbelievably happy cruising around the store honking the horn.

Okay, enough grocery store pictures.  After being really healthy all summer, Jace finally caught Adam’s cold.  With all his congestion, I’ve been working on teaching Jace to blow his nose.  Ready for a gross story?  You can stop reading if you want.  Jace likes to do the scrunchy nose face.  It’s a perfect stepping stone to nose blowing.  So now, when he’s congested, he’ll grab a tissue, hold it on his nose (not under, but hey, it’s close), and he’ll blow through his nose.  It’s not terribly effective yet, but it’s a start.  Today he decided he needed to blow his nose, didn’t see a tissue, so he sat down, pulled off his sock, and used that to blow his nose.  Silly!  I got him a tissue, then put him in his high chair to eat breakfast.  I put the pancake down on his tray and he immediately picked it up, used it as a tissue, and then fed it to the dog!  Grossss!  Yeah, that was our morning!

The rest of the day was pretty good.  We hung out with our friends at the park and then Jace helped me decorate for Halloween.  We hung some more lights, put up some window clings, put stickers on some pumpkins, and then had a snack.  And tonight we carved pumpkins!
IMG_6077 IMG_6084

But before the pumpkin picture, let’s talk about tonight….  It’s after midnight and Jace has been asleep for about 5 minutes.  I was all set to blame the lack of sleep on his cold, but his cold symptoms seem pretty mild tonight.  The real reason he’s not sleeping?  He’s teething.  Like crazy.  With MOLARS.  FOUR of them all at once!  Poor Jace!  He was almost asleep several times, but then would wake up crying.  And that apparently led to him being wide awake and wanting to play.  We’d try to get him to lay down, but after two hours of battling him, we gave in.  We had pumpkins to carve!  So Jace spent the evening playing on the floor while we carved pumpkins.  He really liked pushing the buttons on the controller for the Xbox.  Anyways, despite the lack of sleep, it was a good night.  And we’re really excited for trick-or-treating tomorrow!  (Oh, the picture of Jace in front of the giant cat was taken at the house a few doors down from us.  Whenever Jace sees the cat, he points, meows, and drags us over to pet the giant kitty cat!).
IMG_6203 IMG_6204

A lion, a monster, and a power up mushroom from Mario.  Happy (almost) Halloween!


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