Tricks, Treats, Crayons, and Leaves!

As usual, it’s been an action-packed weekend!  Saturday our local grocery store, Weis, had trick-or-treating for kids 12 and under.  We love going to Weis, so we got Jace into costume and walked over.  Jace looked adorable.IMG_5801

He got plenty of attention from customers in the store – and was pretty darn smiley for everyone.  Wandering around the store looks extra cute when you have a fuzzy tail.IMG_5794 IMG_5819 

Jace smiled at the employees with the candy baskets, but wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing when they’d give him candy….  We trick-or-treated at each department (deli, produce, bakery, bank, etc.), and Jace ended up with quite the haul.  Most stations had goldfish crackers for the kids too young for candy, which was really nice.IMG_5809 IMG_5798 IMG_5823 IMG_5824  IMG_5813 IMG_5820

Jace did great keeping his ears on his head for most of trick-or-treating.  He was pretty excited to eat his sucker once we got home.  We took his costume off before hand, which worked out well because he ended up a sticky mess!
IMG_5804 IMG_5839

We spent the afternoon playing outside and stomping around in piles of leaves.  You have to watch Jace pretty closely when he wanders around the cul-de-sac….  Traffic isn’t bad, but Jace has a tendency to “borrow” newspapers and it’s tough to figure out which papers belong at the bottom of which driveways.  In the third picture, if you look really closely, you can see Cuervo watching us from the upstairs window.
IMG_5872 IMG_5869 IMG_5883

Today, we headed to The Crayola Experience.  Jace and I had so much fun there last time that we decided Adam needed to check it out.  And he loved it too!

Jace (and Adam) spent lots of time playing in Toddler Town, we all made crayons and markers, and Jace played with chalk (and dumped the entire box in his lap and then tried to eat the box….).  Jace has really been loving coloring this week, so he had more fun playing with markers in the glow-in-the-dark room this time, too. 
IMG_5900 IMG_5909
IMG_5911 (2)
IMG_5904   IMG_5911 (3) IMG_5912

We spent the afternoon with Robert and Rita!  Jace was a bit shy when he first woke up from his nap, but he warmed up to Rita right away.  In fact, any time he looked at her, he got a huge smile on his face!  We hung out around the house for a while, then headed out for a walk to look at the fall colors.  Jace and I showed Rita our favorite spot to wade through leaves and we showed both of them our two favorite parks.  A lot of the leaves are down already, but we were still able to find some pretty colors.  It was a nice day for a walk.  We even stopped and played at the park for a while on our way home.

When it got a bit cooler I helped Jace put on his mittens.  He didn’t seem to mind wearing them, but the mittens prevented him from picking up his snacks from the tray of his stroller.  Jace came up with two solutions.  With one approach, he would lick his mitten, stick it to the cereal piece, and then eat the cereal off of his mitten.  That method worked pretty well, but eventually Jace realized it was faster just to bend his whole head down to the tray and just eat the cereal directly from the tray.  It was pretty funny and kept us all entertained on the walk home.  Great weather, great leaves, great company!
IMG_5930IMG_5936 IMG_5941 IMG_5945


One thought on “Tricks, Treats, Crayons, and Leaves!

  1. What a cute lion you have!!!!

    And I’m waaaaay jealous of your visits to the crayola factory! That’s like visiting Joann’s pumped up on steroids!!!

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