Face Painting, Jace Painting

An alternate title for this post is “I’m glad they make products that are non-toxic”….

Jace tried finger painting for the first time!  I think it was a success.  He started out really tentatively.  He would dip one finger in the paint and carefully touch the paper or pumpkin, then go back for more paint.  It took a while before he really got messy.  He’s not a fan of having dirty hands (dirt, mud, mulch, paint, etc), but he seemed to have a good time once he got past that.
IMG_5575 IMG_5596 IMG_5597IMG_5586 IMG_5590  IMG_5602 IMG_5614 IMG_5616 IMG_5617

Finger Painting – video

Despite the fact that Jace was VERY aware his hands were messy, he still kept touching his face.  And then he ran his hands through his hair.  And then he tried to lick the paint off his hands….  This is part one (of three) of my “I’m glad they make products that are non-toxic” series.
IMG_5627 IMG_5622

The finished masterpieces turned out pretty well.  He lost interest before we got to the third pumpkin, but that’s okay.  The little pumpkin with the heart on it is going to live on Adam’s desk at work.  The bats look cool on the window in the playroom.
IMG_5662 IMG_5666 IMG_5669 IMG_5719

That evening, we headed to dinner with Marian and Rod.  Jace ate a ton of jello.  He was a sticky mess by the end!  After dinner, he sat in Marian’s lap.  There was a mostly-empty dessert cup on the table and Jace stuck his finger in the whipped cream.  I figured he was tasting it, but instead of licking his finger, he dotted the whipped cream on Marian’s arm.  He was definitely still finger painting!
IMG_5647 IMG_5653

Over the next few days, Jace was eager to continue with the arts-and-crafts theme.  I taped some paper to the wall (finally, a use for all the big sheets of packaging paper from the move!), gave Jace some markers, and he went for it.  He did a great job staying on the paper today!  Not so much yesterday….  He likes to hold two markers at once – one in each hand.  He seems to color with his right and left hands equally now.
IMG_5744 IMG_5772

Annnnnd, here’s picture two in my “I’m glad they make products that are non-toxic” series.  I don’t have a picture of the after effects of this action because I was trying to be a good mom and take the marker out of his mouth instead of taking pictures.  I wasn’t fast enough, of course, so Jace had a green tongue and lips for a part of the afternoon.

And now, the last picture in my “I’m glad they make products that are non-toxic” series.  This one isn’t as bad.  Jace just still seems to think that chapstick belongs on your tongue, not your lips.  At least he’s (mostly) stopped biting the chapstick.  For now….IMG_5779 IMG_3693

Chapstick on the Tongue – video
I don’t get it, but he’s pretty funny.  He knows how to open and close all of the chapsticks now.  And does so regularly.

Talking to the Kitties – video
I still haven’t gotten a video of Jace meowing yet, but it’s really cute.  After dinner the other day Jace got down from his high chair and wandered out of the room.  He walked over to the laundry basket where Cody and Claire were sleeping and started talking to them.  It was adorable.  He meowed and talked and meowed some more.  We tried to capture it on video, but of course he caught us and came over to play with the camera instead.  Still cute though.


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