Fun Fall Days

I love arts and crafts, but it’s difficult to find age appropriate crafts for Jace right now.  Most crafts for someone his age seem to just involve handprints or footprints.  In the interest of doing a craft with more Jace participation, I decided we would make leaf pumpkins.  This meant we needed to collect a bunch of orange leaves.  Lucky for us, we live in an area with lots of orange leaves!  Jace had a great time wading through the leaves.  I brought a big bag and Jace would grab a few leaves and come over and drop them in the bag.  After each leaf he dropped in the bag, he would cheer and clap.  He’s such a positive guy!
IMG_5395 IMG_5402 IMG_5404 IMG_5398 IMG_5410 IMG_5419

Once we had collected all of the leaves we needed, we headed to the park for a picnic lunch.  After the picnic, Jace and I put the leaves in ziploc bags (after a tiny bit of quality control to remove the few brown leaves).  Then Jace let me trace his hand for the pumpkin leaf.  I think the final product turned out pretty cute.  We have two more Halloween crafts to try later this week!

The next day we headed to a local farm to pick up some produce.  And some salsa!  The goats at this farm were much smaller and more friendly.  Jace liked them.IMG_5444 IMG_5469

An afternoon of shopping and exploring the farm left Jace ready for a nap.  But after his nap he put on his new fleece and mittens and helped his Daddy with some yardwork!IMG_5479 IMG_5480

Monday morning we headed to the park.  And Jace did the slide!  We’ve played on the slide before, but Jace never wanted to slide down without holding on to my hand.  This time he had no fear.  In fact, he kept trying to walk down the slide!  He also had a great time playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Marian.
IMG_5486 IMG_5498

Slide – video

Today we stopped by Monocacy Creek to see the ducks.  It’s a pretty area.IMG_5521

Adam gave Marian and Rod a tour of his quarry.  They look good in hardhats!IMG_5527

We ended the evening with some serious coloring.  Dry erase boards are fun.  And Jace is quite the artist!
IMG_5551 IMG_5558


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