A Little Bit of Everything

It has been a big week!  Andy and Stephanie came to visit!  Our guest room and computer room are the same, so when we have company I don’t really get around to posting….  So, here’s a week worth of pictures (in a kind of random order).

During our Target shopping trip, Jace carried these pumpkin candy pails all over the store.  We figure he’s just practicing for Halloween.

Laundry is tricky in our house.  Clothes go through the washer/dryer every other day, but getting things folded is another matter.  Every time I want to fold clothes, there’s someone (or someoneS) sitting in the laundry basket!
IMG_3382 (0) IMG_3382 (1) IMG_3382 (2)

Jace loves chapstick.  However, he seems to think you apply it to your tongue….
IMG_3387 IMG_3388

Jace finally got some new clothing.  It’s getting cooler here, so he got some long pants, a few long sleeved shirts, and a pair of overalls.  It’s a cute look!
IMG_4670 IMG_4689

After a hard morning of playing at the park, Jace was pretty worn out!

The next day, we headed to Knoebel’s for the day.  Knoebel’s is an amusement park with rides, midway games, and lots of food!  There was a fun game – Pokereno – that involved throwing raquetballs into holes to select certain cards for your “hand”.  It was only 25 cents to play and Jace loved it!
IMG_4704 IMG_4706 (2)

We played a few other games too.  And Jace found some buttons he could push.
IMG_4707 IMG_4710

Then we checked out some rides.  We ended the day with chocolate covered desserts.  There was a festival going on that day and I’m pretty sure you could find any food item dipped in chocolate or deep fried (chocolate covered cheesecake? deep fried fruit pie?).
IMG_4722 IMG_4777

Jace doesn’t take very consistent naps.  And those naps are even less consistent when we’re out doing fun things with our visitors.  But that doesn’t mean Jace is any less ticklish at bedtime!
IMG_4791 IMG_4804 IMG_4810

Jace and I like to go for walks most days.  Since the weather is getting colder, we got Jace a pair of mittens.  He wasn’t sure about them – and spent his first five minutes shaking his hands as hard as he could – but eventually he realized that mittens are pretty nice for keeping your hands warm during stroller walks.  Luckily, it’s still warm enough that he doesn’t need to wear them on the playground!
IMG_4837 IMG_4838

The next day, we headed out to “The Niagara of Pennsylvania”.  It was really pretty!  There are 1,267 stairs.  That made it pretty much impossible to take the stroller – which meant Jace had to nap in my arms instead.  It was a fun day with lots of nice scenery!
IMG_4844 IMG_4845

That evening we relaxed at home.  Jace and Stephanie played with bubbles.  Then Stephanie and Andy showed off their Fruit Ninja skills (it’s an awesome game – we’re officially going to make all of our visitors play – haha).
IMG_4879 IMG_4880

In the morning, Jace and I headed out for another walk/playground adventure.  Jace likes to “stand” on his head and watch people from between his feet.  It’s a funny pose.  He was also in a very scrunchie-nose mood.  Very cute.
IMG_4915 IMG_4927

Jace has been picking up skills from Cuervo….  When we have a yummy snack, he’ll pick up the plate and lick it clean when he’s done.  Excellent manners!  And that evening he debuted his new way of wearing pajamas.  Pretty cool, huh?!
IMG_4928 IMG_4938

Ummm, I just thought the next two pictures were cute….
IMG_4975 IMG_4976

A few days later, we headed to the car museum.  Andy showed Jace some cars, Jace checked out the dragsters, he pushed buttons and pulled levers (at the same time!) on the display with Stephanie, and then he climbed inside a semi-truck!  He thoroughly enjoyed the museum!
IMG_4985 IMG_4989 IMG_4999 IMG_5000 IMG_5005

Stephanie and Andy were great with Jace.  He really liked playing with them!

I almost forgot!  SLEEP!  On Wednesday night, Jace slept 90 minutes and woke up.  Pretty normal.  But once we got him back to sleep, he stayed asleep for almost five hours!  ALMOST FIVE HOURS!  It was awesome.  Thursday night he was back to his 90 minute pattern (or less, lots of 45 minute stretches that night….).  But Friday night, he did a 90 minute stretch, then once we got him back to sleep, he slept for FOUR HOURS.  It was amazing!  I have no idea what caused it, but I will take it.  Yaaaay Jace!


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