Videos, videos, videos!

iPhones are dangerous.  At the end of each month I sort through all of my pictures and videos and save the “best of the best”.  Usually I end up with about 80 pictures and 4 videos.  Since Adam and I got iPhones, that number has skyrocketed.  For the month of September I have 377 “favorite” pictures and 42 “favorite” videos.  And I’m being selective!  We ended up with 1,918 pictures last month before I sorted through them.

Anyways, I couldn’t post the videos while we were in Canada, so here are our favorite videos from our trip.  I asked Adam which ones I should post and he said “the world needs to see all of them!”  I know that’s not really true, but we’re kinda obsessed with Jace and think ALL the videos are the cutest.  Besides, I figure if people don’t want to see the videos, they just won’t click on them, right?  Right.  No pressure to watch a zillion videos.  That being said, here are ten (yeah, TEN) videos.

Alllllllmost Asleep – video
This was taken the day before we left.  I’m not sure why, but Jace REALLY fights sleep sometimes, even though he’s tired.

And here’s a picture from about two seconds later (literally):IMG_3914

Moving Walkway at the Aquarium – video
We went to the aquarium.  We walked through the fish tunnel.  There were fish and sharks and eels allllll around us.  And all Jace wanted to do was stare at his feet and walk on the moving walkway.

Crawling Through the Aquarium – video
Here’s the kids tunnel that took you right through the middle of the fish tank.

Loving the Raincoat – video
Jace loved his Cave of the Winds raincoat!

The Fake Laugh – video
Jace has a fake laugh.  He’s learned that when he laughs, we laugh.  So now, when he wants us to laugh, he’ll fake laugh.

Climbing Up the Steps – video
Jace is getting so coordinated!  We had some down time in Toronto so we took him to a grassy area to use up some energy.  In true Jace fashion, he was immediately drawn to the stairs.

Walking Down the Steps, and Cheering! – video
I love when he gets to a big step and sticks his hand in the air for assistance.  Sometimes it looks like he’s actually reaching for my hand, but really he just sticks his hand out there and assumes someone will grab his hand and help him.  And he’s usually right.  I do like the cheers when he makes it down a step.

Fun on the Subway – video
This was hilarious.  I mentioned before that we rode the subway more than 20 stops to get between our car and downtown Toronto.  Well, every single time we stopped, Jace would yell when we approached the station and then yell again when the doors opened.

Playing with Acorns – video
This is a duplicate post, but I figured I’d keep all the videos from our trip in the same place.  Jace was at the park and had a great time dropping acorns through a hole in the bouncy bridge.  When he’d finish with all the acorns I’d laid out before him, he’d clap, then ask for more!

Laughing at My Nose – video
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Jace and I have fun in the backseat during long car rides.  During our drive home from Niagara we were playing a game with one of his books.  He was laughing really hard.  Adam took a video ’cause Jace’s laugh is so cute.  The laughing got cut short because a semi pulled up next to us at the end.  Jace is quick to point (and announce) when he sees a semi or an airplane.


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