The Rest of Our Canadian Adventure

We had another fun few days in Canada before heading back to the USA.  We spent some time at two parks on Sunday.  We took a ferry to the first park, which gave us a great view of the Toronto skyline.  Jace and I hung out on the top deck so we could feel the breeze and watch the waves.  The park was really pretty – lots of leaves, lots of grassy areas, great weather.  Jace liked exploring.  He was wearing his Batman outfit, so of course he got a ton of attention.

After a while, we headed to the Centreville Amusement Park.  Jace rode the carousel – AND LOVED IT!  He didn’t want any help staying on the ride.  In fact, he would push my hands away when I tried to hold him.  He did a great job staying upright and he seemed to really like that the cat he was riding went up and down.  It was really cute.  By the end, he would anticipate seeing Adam as we flew past him.  He’d start to get excited and then when we’d pass him, Jace would smile like crazy.
IMG_4567 IMG_4486
IMG_4518 (2) IMG_4484 IMG_3253 IMG_3278IMG_3306

When Jace got tired he took a nap in his stroller.  While he slept, we left Toronto and took the subway to another huge park.  It was quite the walk from the subway station to the playground, but Jace slept the whole way.  The playground has a 10,000 square foot castle.  Tons to play with, but Jace’s favorite part of the whole playground was the acorns.  He’s so funny!  There were acorns everywhere.  Jace liked to carry one in each hand at all times.  Eventually he discovered his favorite game at the playground – dropping acorns through a hole in the bridge.  Check out the pile of acorns under the bridge.  Clearly we weren’t the first ones to play this game….
IMG_4582 IMG_4583 IMG_4584 IMG_4589

Playing with Acorns – video
I love the way Jace claps for himself when he thinks he’s done a good job!

The next day, Jace woke up reallllly early.  We’d been going to bed later and later, so he had been sleeping in later and later.  But not this day.  Since he was up so early, he and I headed to the swimming pool.  And we had a GREAT time!  We took his floatie toy with us.  I would spin the floatie away from me and then chase after him.  He thought it was hilarious.  We spent a long time at the pool, had some breakfast (yay for yummy hotel breakfasts), then packed up the car.  We drove to Niagara to check out the Canadian side.  We went to the top of the Skylon Tower to check out the view.  When Jace fell asleep, we did some walking.  We walked across the Rainbow Bridge between the US and Canada and got stamps in our passports.  Then we walked to the edge of Horseshoe Falls.  We got a zillion more donuts from Tim Horton’s, then started the drive home.  We had a wonderful time in Canada!IMG_4608
IMG_4605 IMG_4606  IMG_4628


2 thoughts on “The Rest of Our Canadian Adventure

  1. Your adventure sounds amazing!

    I don’t think anyone else’s parenthood blog could ever come close to comparing!

    Everyday and everything you do is turned into a fun filled moments!

  2. Great pictures of the falls!!!! You guys have such a good time what ever you do! I, too, enjoyed the applause Jace gave himself! So cute.

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