Grandparents at the Beach and in NYC

It has been an incredibly fun – and busy – past few days.  Friday we went for a hike.  Jace napped a bit in the stroller – thanks to the efforts of his sherpas (!).IMG_3885 IMG_3898

When he woke up, we did some shopping.  Jace loves the toy aisle at Sam’s Club.IMG_3902 IMG_3910 IMG_3911 (1) IMG_3911 (2)

We finished the day with pizza, ice cream, and cards.  Fun, fun, fun.

The next morning, Jace and I got up pretty early.  We went for a walk so we wouldn’t wake anyone else.  It’s getting cooler in the mornings, so Jace wore his new sweatshirt.  I should have put him in longer pants.  He’s growing so much, his “long” pants are getting shorter and shorter!

After breakfast, we all got in the car and headed to the Jersey Shore.  Jace is usually a wonderful traveler, but he didn’t feel like showing off for Grandma and Grandpa.  We’re lucky Grandma was up to the task of keeping him entertained in the car because it was NOT one of our better drives.  Thankfully, once we reached the beach Jace was back to his happy and cheerful self.  We had a picnic lunch on the sand, then walked along the beach and splashed in the waves.
IMG_3922 IMG_3951 IMG_3928 IMG_3932  IMG_3975 IMG_3976

When we got back to the boardwalk, Jace was excited to explore.  He kept getting distracted by the airplanes and by a random kite being flown on the beach.  He’s adorable.  Every time he hears a plane he points to the sky and says “dah”.  He’s got great hearing.  I can’t believe how many planes he hears – and then spots.
IMG_3978 IMG_3981

We hit the midway games on the boardwalk.  Jace was the lucky recipient of some new bouncy balls.  He loved them – and loved playing “catch” on the boardwalk with Grandma.IMG_3986 IMG_3989 IMG_3993 IMG_3994

After the midway games, we headed into the arcade.  Arcades are a great place for Jace because he looooves lighted buttons.  And it turns out he likes ticket dispensers too! IMG_4003 IMG_4011

It was a fun arcade with games for everyone – pinball, claw games, an amazingly addictive coin slider game, Dance Dance Revolution, and SkeeBall.  Jace tried to help me play SkeeBall, but Skee Daddle was more his speed.   IMG_4012 (2) IMG_4016 IMG_4012 (5) IMG_4012 IMG_4012 (6) IMG_4012 (8)

And then, after hours (!) of playing, we cashed in our tickets for some awesome prizes.  IMG_4018

The next day, we headed to New York City.  Jace was dressed as Batman – and we ended up right in front of Gotham Hall!  Coincidence?  I think not!IMG_4030 (1)

We spent a few minutes in Central Park, but it was a bit chaotic.  We found ourselves in the midst of the 400,000+ person Climate March.  It made getting to the subway lines a bit tricky, but Jace was FASCINATED by the police helicopter that kept hovering in the area.IMG_4030 (2) IMG_4030 (2a)

We headed to the Yankees game.  It’s Derek Jeter mania over there.

Jace helped Adam and me eat an ice cream sundae.
IMG_4030 (4)
IMG_4030 (5)

And Grandma and Grandpa did a great job keeping Jace happy during the whole game.IMG_4030 (7) IMG_4078   IMG_4108

After the game, Jace dozed in his stroller while we looked at the Statue of Liberty, checked out the 9/11 Memorial, and walked on Wall Street.  He woke up in time for some pizza before we caught the bus back home.

Monday was low-key.  Jace hung out with Grandma and Grandpa while Adam and I went on a dinner date.  Yay!  It was really fun and it seems like Jace had a great time too.  Plus, guess what?!  He SLEPT last night!  Due to some sort of grandparent magic, Jace went to bed at 8:45pm and slept until 1:45am.  That’s FIVE hours.  FIVE!  It was amazing!

This morning we battled traffic to get to downtown Philadelphia (thank goodness Grandma was happy to play with Jace in the backseat!).  We checked out a playhouse, then headed to the airport.  The drive home – with Jace alone in the backseat – was not near as smooth.  We miss our visitors already!

And now it’s time to get ready for the next adventure….


2 thoughts on “Grandparents at the Beach and in NYC

  1. Mustache have been fun!! (Get it?!?!)

    You do know how to keep readers hooked! Besides ADORABLE pictures of Jace in the sand, batman, family pics… The next adventure..?!?!!!! Do tell!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe all that was packed into a few days! It’s go go go! I got tired just reading about it! And yay for Jace sleeping!

    Let the adventures continue!

  2. XOXO!!!! We had a great time with you guys! We love the way you 3 interact! What a great team! Thanks so much for hosting us! Everything was perfect! Hope to see you all again soon!

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