Peanut Butter!

As usual, Jace has learned a few new tricks this week.  He recently discovered that if he pushes his slide into the corner, he can sit at the top of the slide and reach both the door lock and the light switch.  Hours of entertainment!  When that got old, we headed to Sam’s Club.  The sample of the day was Gogurt.  Jace was thrilled!IMG_3785 IMG_3788

Peanut butter.  Jace likes peanut butter.  Which is great.  However, I haven’t found a mess-free way for him to eat it yet….  Yesterday was no exception.  Everything was going fine.  I’d tear off a tiny piece of peanut butter toast, hand it to Jace, and he’d put it right into his mouth.  Perfect!  Well, I put one tiny piece of toast on his high chair tray and went to empty the dishwasher.  That was my mistake.  I was halfway to the dishwasher when Jace tried to pick up the toast, dropped it facedown on the tray, tried to pick it up with both hands, realized his eye itched, realized his chin itched, touched his hair, and petted the dog.  The whole thing took about four seconds.  He was crying, he had peanut butter matted into his eyelashes, Cuervo was going crazy trying (unsuccessfully) to lick the peanut butter off of his shoulder, and the whole time Jace just kept touching more stuff!
IMG_3792 IMG_3800

After the peanut butter debacle, we headed to a new park.  It was pretty cool!  I took a zillion pictures, but in over half of them Jace is standing there with his hand in the air pointing out various airplanes.  It’s his favorite activity.  He’s really good at spotting them.IMG_3805IMG_3847 IMG_3840IMG_3828 IMG_3826

Today we headed to one of our local parks – with grandparents in tow!  Grandparents make everything more fun!
IMG_3867 IMG_3876 IMG_3871 IMG_3864

And after half a day of playing with the grandparents, Jace is conked out for a nap.  ‘Course it’s 5pm and he’s STILL napping, but I guess that’s okay.  He was up til midnight last night (playing with those grandparents!) and it’s not like he sleeps at night anyways!  IMG_3881


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