A Touristy Weekend

A friend from Idaho visited for the weekend, so we did all the touristy stuff in the area.  On Friday, we headed to downtown Philadelphia to see the sites.  The first picture is Jace listening to a presentation in Independence Hall.  He wasn’t too sure about the Park Ranger giving the talk, but he liked the other people in the audience.  By the time the talk was over, Jace had about 8 people playing peek-a-boo with him.  The next picture is of Jace on the step closest to where they signed the Declaration of Independence.  He wasn’t impressed with the history, but he did like climbing on that step!  After Independence Hall, we saw the Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia Mint.  No pictures inside the mint, so we took one on the steps out front.  It was a pretty day for walking around!IMG_3637 IMG_3639 IMG_3645 IMG_3650

The next day we headed to the beach!
IMG_3680 (1) IMG_3680 (2) IMG_3680 (3)

After running around by the ocean, we went to the arcade.  There are arcades, ice cream shops, and midway games all over the boardwalk.  It was fun!IMG_3686 IMG_3687

We cashed in our tickets and got Jace a Slinky.  It took about 3 seconds before he had the whole thing tangled.  But it made him happy for the drive home.  Once he fell asleep, I took a picture of his black eye.  It’s getting better!
IMG_3704 IMG_3705

The next day we headed back to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play the Marlins.  Before we went into the park we saw some sky writers!  Five planes flew side by side to create the letters in a circle around the stadium. IMG_3710 IMG_3712IMG_3713 IMG_3721

Jace got a bit bored watching the game, so we played in the third base courtyard.  He likes to hold two things at once.  When we’re at home, it’s two bouncy balls, two EOS chapsticks, or two super hero figurines.  At the park, it was two rocks.  He was so happy!
IMG_3724 IMG_3727 IMG_3731

After the game we went to Pat’s and Geno’s for cheesesteaks.  Pat’s and Geno’s have a big rivalry, so we tried food from both places.  We’re split on who has the best cheesesteak, but Pat’s definitely wins for best fries!IMG_3736 IMG_3739 IMG_3740

And THAT was our weekend!


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