Baltimore – and a Black Eye

We spent the weekend in Baltimore!  Adam took Friday off from work and we drove the 2.5 hours to Baltimore during Jace’s nap time.  He fell asleep about 5 minutes into the drive and slept most of the ride.  The timing was great!  The Baltimore Comic Convention was held right next door to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, so we got some pictures on our way into the convention.

Friday was mostly a day for dropping books with artists and getting a place on sketch lists.  Jace and I amused ourselves by staring at all the people in costumes (oh my goodness, there is a LOT of people watching to do at a comic con!) and by playing peek-a-boo/chase around the pillars on the convention hall floor.

Friday night we stopped at Chick-fil-A on our way to the hotel.  They had a great play area!IMG_3400 IMG_3401

Saturday morning we played a little in the hotel room, then it was back to the convention.
IMG_3402 IMG_3408

Exploring the Hotel Room – video

Jace and I hung out on the second floor and watched the line of people file past.  The line of people entered the convention hall for 34 minutes straight.  That is a lot of people!  Jace watched intently, while eating some breakfast.  Then flipped upside down to watch some more.  He’s so funny!  He likes doing that now – putting his head on the ground and looking at everything upside down!
IMG_3412 IMG_3430

Eventually we headed into the convention.  Adam helped Jace get a few sketches in his very own sketchbook.  It was tricky getting Jace to focus on the camera when there were so many people walking around in huge and colorful costumes.
IMG_3434 IMG_3443

When the convention floor got a bit too chaotic – or when Jace wanted a chance to run around – we headed up to the third floor.  There was tons of open space up there and Jace could explore as much as he wanted.
IMG_3448 IMG_3449 IMG_3450

Back on the convention floor, Adam hooked Jace up with some literature about collecting comics.  And once the novelty of that wore off, we found a balloon for him.  That was pretty fascinating for a while.  Then we headed back to Chick-fil-A for dinner, then home to the hotel where Jace made some important calls.
IMG_3456 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3463

The next morning, Jace donned his Batman cape in preparation of the third day of the convention.  He had fun playing in the hotel room for a while, then we got in the car.  Apparently I stashed the pretzel rods in arms reach from the car seat.  Oops!  Jace was being so quiet back there and I finally turned around to see if he’d fallen asleep.  Nope, he wasn’t asleep – he just had two fistfuls of pretzels!
IMG_3466 IMG_3475

At the convention, Adam helped Jace get a few more sketches – and we bought a book about a cute little lion!
IMG_3476 IMG_3480

Adam had more comic stuff to do, but Jace and I had had our fill.  So we headed to the Port Discovery Children’s Museum!  It was awesome.  While a lot of the stuff there was geared towards older kids, there was one room called “Tot Trails” that was perfect for Jace!  There was a “tidal pool” area filled with bean bag lily pads, mirrored waves, and lots of toys.  There was a huge lite-brite with lots of colored pegs.  There were “sand dunes” that were comprised of slanted floor, bumpy carpet, and Jace-sized steps.  There was a quiet reading area, a sand table, a wilderness area, an animal exploration section, and so much more.  We had a great time!
IMG_3503 IMG_3501  IMG_3512IMG_3508 IMG_3509  IMG_3522 IMG_3531 IMG_3535 IMG_3538

I’m pretty sure this is a book case – not intended for climbing – but Batman scaled it before I could stop him!
IMG_3558 IMG_3559

Giant Lite-Brite – video
Not the best example of Jace using the Lite-Brite, but still pretty cool.  He was actually pretty good at getting the pegs into/out of the board.

Flying Butterflies – video
In the “animal” section there was a place where you could try to catch flying butterflies.  Jace loves pushing buttons, so this was a great spot for him.  When you’d push the button, a fan would come on and the vinyl butterflies would sail into the air!

Jace was worn out by our time at the museum and fell asleep on the walk back to the comic con.  It was a pretty short nap and then we headed back onto the convention floor.
IMG_3560 IMG_3562 IMG_3561

Adam helped Jace get one more sketch in his sketchbook, then Jace demonstrated that he was tired and he’d had enough of the convention.  He just flopped down in the middle of the floor, put his head down, and just laid there!  IMG_3566 IMG_3579

The Ravens game ended about the same time as the convention, so traffic was a mess.  Rather than sit in gridlock, we decided to walk around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  It was fun!  Jace liked watching the pop fountains, but didn’t have any interest to run through them.  Instead, he liked following the metal accent lines around the outside of the fountain.  He’s so funny with stuff like that!  There was duct tape on the ground at the Iron Pigs game and he just wanted to walk on top of it.  There were cords taped to the ground at the Mets game and Jace wanted to walk along those.  There were plenty of random things taped to the ground in the convention hall, and Jace wanted to walk the length of them too.  So when he saw the metal accents around the fountain, he was very excited to walk the perimeter.  I don’t get it, but it sure makes him happy!  After the fountains, he headed out to dinner with some of Adam’s comic friends.  Most of them have kids, so they were all really nice to Jace.  It was a fun dinner because everyone was very willing to share food with Jace and do whatever they could to keep him entertained!  IMG_3590 (4)
IMG_3590 (6)

Once traffic cleared up, we headed home.  And headed to bed!

I wish that was the end of my post.  Sigh.  On Monday evening, Jace was cooling down from his bath and he and Adam were playing by the crib.  Jace lost his balance and crashed face first into the edge of the crib.  And now he’s got a black eye!  It’s not toooo noticable when he’s got his eye open.  But when he closes his eye, it’s all you can see!  No one said anything today at the park, but Jace fell asleep while we were grocery shopping and everyone did double takes when they’d glance at him.  Poor Jace!  It doesn’t seem to bother him toooo much, but I don’t know….  Hopefully the swelling will be down tomorrow and the bruise will fade and he’ll be feeling all better!
IMG_3611 IMG_3609

I don’t want to end the post with those pictures, so here’s one of my favorite pictures from the comic book convention!


2 thoughts on “Baltimore – and a Black Eye

  1. First a skinned knee, now a black eye… welcome to toddlerhood! That’s why they call them “toddlers” instead of “steady walkers.” I’m sorry about Jace’s boo boo, but by now, I bet he’s mostly better. He sure looks grown up. But MY question is, where were all the other kids at the Children’s Museum? The place looks like you reserved it special for Jace!
    xoxoxoxo WAL

  2. Wow! what an amazingly full weekend! You guys are so bold! I’m sorry Jace got a big black eye, but he obviously is very strong and is healing really fast. He looks like he loved all the activities at the discovery zone. You and Adam seemed like you were having a pretty dang good time too! Love you guys!

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