Airplanes and a Skinned Knee

We MIGHT be making a TINY bit of progress with sleep.  Maybe.  He’s still not sleeping longer than 90-ish minutes at a time, but he’s getting better about taking naps on a bed instead of only in a stroller or the car seat.  That’s progress, right?

In fact, he considered taking a nap in a cat bed the other day.  We’re sorting through old stuff and we came across two old pet beds (I think they were both Cuervo’s when he was really small).  The cats love them and Jace thought they looked pretty comfy.  IMG_3251 IMG_3252

Another first – Jace got his first skinned knee.  Owwie!  He actually didn’t cry when he got it.  He tripped on the driveway and hit his knee, but then stood up and kept playing.  I didn’t realize it was cut until we were back inside having snack.  He’s tough!
IMG_3261 IMG_3262

Yesterday we spent a lot of time at the playground.  Jace loves playing in the green tunnel.  He’s becoming a bit of a daredevil too – he likes to walk to the edge of the playground equipment, hold on to the railing, stand on the very edge of the platform, and lean out over the drop.  He thinks it’s fun.  I’m not the biggest fan of it.  He doesn’t seem to have any intention of jumping.  For now, at least.  The stairs are a different story!  He LOVES the stairs in our house now, but instead of sliding down on his tummy, he likes to climb to the top step, turn, and fling himself down the stairs.  You’d better be ready to catch him!
IMG_3271 IMG_3275
IMG_3310 IMG_3315
IMG_3287  IMG_3265 IMG_3283

After the playground equipment, Jace worked on his soccer skills.  He’s so cute with the big green ball.  You can tell he’s concentrating when he carries it ’cause he sticks his tongue out!
IMG_3320 IMG_3321

Future Soccer Star – video

We met Adam for lunch and he and Jace did the scrunchie nose face again.  Cute.  After lunch Jace and I stopped by Michael’s Craft Store.  The decorative scarecrows are the same size as Jace.  He wasn’t so sure about them….  But he liked trying to lift the gigantic hollow pumpkins!
IMG_3328 IMG_3332

Which brings us to today.  We live pretty close to the airport.  Which means that every time we’re outside there are plenty of planes flying overhead.  A few of them are big commercial jets, but a lot are smaller private planes.  In any case, during the height of playground time there’s typically a plane every two minutes (I timed it today – 18 planes in 30 minutes).  Jace loves the planes.  Every time we hear one he stares at the sky looking for the plane.  When he locates it, he points and says “da”.  “Da” means just about everything right now, but apparently it also means “look, there’s the airplane!”  Very cute.
IMG_3350 IMG_3376

It’s a Plane! – video



2 thoughts on “Airplanes and a Skinned Knee

  1. Jeez! He is the CUTEST! I love him looking for the plane! And, walking in the leaves! And playing at the playground, and making faces with Adam! I love this website! I look at it over and over and over! You guys are doing a great job…a healthy, adorable, smart, happy, beautiful little boy! Now, if you’d just move closer!!!! xoxo

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