A Week in T-Shirts (and the 200th post!)

Jace looks so grown up now that he’s into t-shirts!  IMG_2830
Adam captioned this picture: With great cuteness comes great responsibility.

Jace wore his Spiderman shirt.  And spent the morning teaching Claire about Spiderman.  We went to the park in the afternoon.  I carried Jace there in the Ergo, but he wasn’t interested in being carried on our way home.  Instead, he wanted to walk.  That would have been fine, but he only wanted to walk in places where he could have one foot on pavement and one foot on leaves.  So we walked back and forth and back and forth along this stretch of street until he finally got tired enough to let me carry him the rest of the way home.IMG_2834 IMG_2915

The next day he wore his striped polo shirt with the monkey on it.  We hung out in the park.IMG_2932 IMG_2941

At Weis, Jace discovered the dog toy section.  Pretty soon, chewable tennis balls were all over the aisle.  He gets into a lot less trouble when he rides on Adam’s shoulders.
IMG_2942 IMG_2943

The next day Jace wore his magic color-change t-shirt.  Notice the cute black and white design he was sporting while hanging out in the playroom?IMG_2959 IMG_2981 IMG_2984 IMG_2993

And now check out the amazingly colorful design he showed off at the playground!  Very cool shirt!  And very impressive skill going down the stairs!  Jace isn’t too sure about the slides yet, but he sure likes climbing to the top of the slide platform.  And then back down.  And then back up.  And then back down.  At least he’s walking now so it’s not as hard on his little knees!
IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045

After the playground, Jace decided he needed a snack.  He stopped on the walkway to our front door and started eating my tomatoes.  It was cute and he was happy – until he started trying to eat the green ones.

The next day, Jace was BATMAN!  This was a very popular shirt.  We ended up out and about a lot this day and everywhere we went people were talking about our little Batman!IMG_3087 IMG_3094

At Target, he couldn’t see where he was going, but was happy to push the shopping cart.  IMG_3095 IMG_3107

He took a really late nap that day which meant it would probably be a later bedtime.  Knowing this, we decided to go to the IronPigs game.  It was the last home game of the season and it was packed.  It was a good game and Jace had a great time running around.  We left after the bottom of the 10th because it was getting really late.  Everyone around us protested and told us that Batman doesn’t have a bedtime.  Ha!  Our little Batman didn’t make it to bed until almost 11pm.  That’s waaaaay past his bedtime!

At the game Jace met Sam the Mobil Dog.  His lack of enthusiasm for mascots continues.
 IMG_3110 IMG_3109

Today, Jace wore his Ninja Turtle shirt.  He was very active in the kitchen while we were trying to make dinner.  We’re going through some boxes from the basement, so the counters are a mess.  Jace wanted to add to the chaos, so he pulled all kinds of stuff out of boxes we’d already sorted, threw everything from his high chair tray onto the floor, and tried to empty the kitchen drawers.  He thought it was hilarious!     IMG_3217 (2)

Lastly, Jace has some new bath toys!  Most of his squirting toys are starting to mold, so we got some non-squirting toys.  The boats don’t really float very well, but Jace likes to chew on them.  And the foam animals are great!  They even stick to the side of the tub!
IMG_9958 IMG_9644 (2)

Here are a few videos from the past week.

Playing at the Grocery Store – video
I’m not sure what the objective was here, but Jace definitely had a plan in mind.  The gallons of tea are just too heavy for him, so he recruits Adam and me for the heavy lifting.  He does this every day when we walk past that section of the store.

Walking in the Leaves – video
One foot on the leaves, one foot on the pavement!

Laughing and Walking – video
Jace is a pretty happy guy.  And very ticklish!

The Bear is After His Toes! – video
Jace likes games that involve anticipation and he likes games that involve anything to do with his toes.  So this is a perfect mix!  Sometimes he’ll bring a toy or stuffed animal over to me, sit down, and stick his foot out towards me – just waiting for me to play the game!


2 thoughts on “A Week in T-Shirts (and the 200th post!)

  1. What a cutie!!! He’s walking so well!!! It’s so impressive!! Seriously- like whoa! And with style! Batman capes, and color changing!

    So if hot glue the bottom hole of bath toys they shouldn’t mold (Pinterest idea) 😜

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