Jacen is 15 months old!

Jace is 15 months old today.  He’s definitely walking (he almost never crawls anymore).  He has a great personality and a cute sense of humor.  He loves playing on the stairs.  His favorite game is chase.  He likes to throw his toys down his slide, throw them down the stairs, or hide them in the couch.  He still thinks anything related to noses is hilarious.  He has 4 teeth.  He still usually wakes up every 45-90 minutes all night long, but we might be making progress there (maybe).  He’s generally pretty happy and he loves to greet Adam at the door when he comes home from work!

Before I get to the 15 month picture, here are some other pictures from our week.  I took Jace to the baseball fields to practice running the bases.  Turns out I actually just took him there to play in the dirt.  He was sooooo dusty by the time we headed home.  IMG_2630 IMG_2634

Jace might be teething again – who knows – but he likes chewing on apple flavored popsicles.  Once they melt, I pour them into his sippy cup and he drinks them like juice.  Now that he’s walking, he’s starting to like the play areas at fast food restaurants.  Adam and I think it’s great excuse to go to Chick-fil-A.  Yum.
IMG_2645 IMG_2645a

We’re still making our daily trips to Weis.  Who knew a grocery store could be so much fun?  Adam has started testing Jace’s strength by giving him various grocery items to lift.  He’s pretty strong, but the gallon of ice tea is still a bit much for him.  But he does look pretty cute in the grocery basket!  The grocery store is even more fun now that Jace can wander around by himself.  He likes exploring the aisles.
IMG_2652 IMG_2653

Walking in the Grocery Store – video

Running in the Grocery Store – video

And now some stairs pictures!  Jace loves the stairs.  Any time I leave the gate undone he heads straight to the stairs.  He actually sometimes avoids the top and bottom stair because he’s afraid if he leaves the stairwell I’ll close the gate.  So, we spend a lot of time going from the second lowest stair to the second highest stair and back again.  And again.  And again.  He also likes to hang out on the landing.  Climbing the stairs is fun, but it’s even more fun if you’re being chased!
IMG_2708 IMG_2711

Chased Up the Stairs – video

Lastly, here are the 15 month pictures.  My goal was a picture of Jace lying on the blanket with the lion.  It quickly became apparent that I was not going to get that picture – he wouldn’t stay flat on his back.  I decided I’d settle for a picture of Jace standing in front of the blanket holding the lion.  That didn’t really work out either – he’d drop the lion, sit down, wander out of the room, or pull the blanket down from the closet door behind him.  Finally, I enlisted Adam’s help.  Adam followed Jace around holding the blanket up behind him while I frantically took pictures.  Adam tucked the lion into the back of Jace’s shirt to keep the lion in the picture and I still couldn’t get a decent picture.  In the end, Adam threw the blanket over his head, picked up Jace in one arm and the lion in the other, and told me to take the darn picture.  Ha.  I took it, but Jace looks less than thrilled.  Eventually, we got a semi-decent picture, even if he is holding the lion by the tail.  We have his 15 month check up next week, so I’ll get an official height and weight.  He’s so cute and he’s gotten so big!
IMG_2657 IMG_2662 IMG_2671 IMG_2660 IMG_2669 IMG_2698IMG_2702  IMG_2691 IMG_2673


4 thoughts on “Jacen is 15 months old!

  1. The 15 month pictures are hysterical! I think the blanket over Adams head, the scrunchy nose face from Jace and the lion in the other arm is possibly one of my favorite all time photos ever!! I laughed so hard! Granted your story does enhance the picture… I got such a visual in my head!!!!

    You got such a cute lil’ grocery helper! I’m pretty sure he’s the most helpful when running, carrying gallons and when he’s in the basket.. Oh my I love your family! 😉

    Miss you!!

  2. You think it’s hard getting him to pose with his blanket and lion for his 15-month picture? Just wait till you’re begging him to lie still for his 15-YEAR picture. “Jace, I asked you to shave this morning. It’s picture day!” or “Jace, put down your phone, pick up your lion, look cute and smile!” or “Awww, Jace, your hairy legs look so cute with your blue shorts and PLAY t-shirt. Now scrunch up your nose and look at the camera!” Yep, it’s gonna be hilarious. And we want VIDEOS. xoxo WAL

  3. THE SQUEALS ARE THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS POST! OH how I love to hear his voice! Sooooo adorable! I loved everything about this post. He is walking so well, and he runs really well with help from Daddy! Hahahahaha. That was great. And I thought Adam was pretty dang cute himself in the one video of Jace walking…it was like Adam didn’t know what to do with himself! He looked so cute, too.

    Those stairs are pretty fun!!!! He is obviously a healthy, happy and very smart little 15 month old boy! Yay you guys!!! He is the best. Love you!!!!

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