Take Me Out to the Ball Game

After our busy Saturday (the previous post), we decided to spend Sunday in NYC.

The bus ride takes about 2 hours.  It was fun having Adam along this time to help entertain Jace!  When we got to NYC, we jumped on the subway to check out Central Park.  We’d been there before, but I’d never seen the reservoir, so that’s where we headed.  I didn’t realize certain lines have express trains.  Oops!  Instead of getting off at 86th Street, our first stop was 125th Street.  We walked the 15 blocks to the north edge of Central Park, then meandered our way all the way down to Times Square (42nd Street).  Jace fell asleep, which was great.  He got a solid nap, despite the uncomfortable looking position.
IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2475 

Adam was excited to see food trucks.  He got some falafal, then we jumped on the subway out to Citi Field.  Our friend, Lily, met us for the train ride. 
IMG_2488 IMG_2491

At Citi Field we printed our tickets at the will call kiosk.  The tickets printed reallllllly slowly.  But by the time it was finally done, we ended up with vouchers for a total of four drinks, two fries, two pretzels, and two burgers/veggie burgers.  We had a great view from our seats.
IMG_2493 IMG_2521 

Jace and Adam posed for a picture doing the scrunchy nose face.  For most of the day Jace wanted the freedom to walk around, but for a few minutes he was content to just cuddle up in Adam’s arms.  It was cute!  Soon it deteriorated into tickling though!
IMG_2553 IMG_2566
IMG_2572 IMG_2578 IMG_2587
On Sundays, kids under 12 are invited to run the bases during the Mr. Met Dash.  It was an incredibly popular event.  The line was HUGE.  Rather than stand in line (in the hot sun), we hung out by the front of the line on a bench in the shade.  We played around there while we waited for the end of the line to come to us.  It worked out great – and we were the last people out there running the bases.
IMG_2588 IMG_2594

The pictures: first base; heading to second base; second base with the mascots (we’re really tiny); third base; hesitation before touching home; home plate (well, almost, we did eventually touch it); posing with Mr. and Mrs. Met; standing in front of the dugout.
IMG_2600 IMG_2604 IMG_2617 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 (3) IMG_2625 (4)  IMG_2625 (6) IMG_2625 (7)

And finally, here’s my favorite picture.  The #1 rule during the Mr. Met Dash is to not touch the grass.  They had portable fencing around the whole field and security guards posted every few feet to enforce the rule.  A few kids tried sticking their hands through the security fence to touch the grass (from the warming track) and got reprimanded.  And then there’s Jace.  Jace likes to walk on different surfaces.  When we go to the playground, he likes to walk around the whole area with one foot in the mulch and one foot on the surrounding grass.  When we walk down the sidewalk, he likes to have one foot on the cement and one foot on the grass.  Well, it was the same story as we exited the field.  Jace saw an opportunity to have each foot on a different surface and he went for it – AND SET FOOT ON THE GRASS AT CITI FIELD!  Luckily, he’s too little and cute for anyone to yell at him.
IMG_2625 (5)

After running the bases, we took the subway back to Times Square, grabbed some pizza for dinner, then got back on the bus to head home.  We managed to catch an express bus (the normal bus was full so they chartered a second bus), so the ride home only took 90 minutes.  Hurray!  Jace was plenty tired by the time we got back.  He was asleep within 10 minutes of getting in the house.  It was a great weekend, but it was BUSY!  According to my “Map My Walk” app, we walked 16.5 miles between the two days!


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