The Cutest Firefighter

Yesterday evening was nice.  We did our nightly walk to Weis – and Jace did a lot of walking too!  He’s really getting his balance under control!

Bedtime went as well as it usually does.  He ate some dinner, had fun in the bath, and fell asleep fairly easily.  Almost exactly 90 minutes later he was up, but that was expected.  It took 10 minutes and he was back asleep.  He woke up 45 minutes later.  Again, not unexpected.  It took 10 minutes to get him back to sleep.  But then, 10 minutes later, he was awake again.  That was out of the ordinary.  So, he wakes up at 11:45pm.  And he’s WIDE AWAKE.  I try everything I can think of to get him to bed and can’t do it.  Adam tries everything he can think of, but no luck.  Finally, at 1:30am, Jace and I got in the car.  He was all smiles.  I drove and drove and drove, looking for a 24 hour Starbucks.  Jace spent the time babbling away in the backseat.  At one point, I thought he was getting tired.  I turned an exit before our house and was going to take quiet back roads to get home.  Well, lucky for us, we stumbled into a sobriety check point.  Tons of cop cars, tons of flashing lights, and tons of police standing on the side of the road with flashlights.  They checked my tags and my license, shown their flashlight around the car, then let me keep driving.  I was so distracted by the stop that I missed my turn on to the small side street.  Soooo, I turned around a mile down the road and headed back for my little turn.  That turn happened to be right next to the sobriety check point, so when I tried to turn off the main road to duck down the small side street, it looked like I was trying to avoid the check point.  That didn’t go over well.  More bright lights, more cops, more questions, and then we were on our way again.  At this point, Jace was WIDE awake.  We got home and played in the dark for a while.  I finally got him to bed at 4:45am.  It was a ridiculous night.

We slept in this morning (thankfully!).  Then we walked over to the fire station to attend the kids safety event.  Our friend, Tina, came up from Philadelphia to check it out with us.  Jace makes an ADORABLE firefighter!  We climbed all over the fire trucks, met Sparky the Fire Dog (Jace wasn’t sure about this part), used a fire hose to put out a house “fire”, and even rang the bell on the front of the fire truck!
IMG_2281 IMG_2425
IMG_2432 IMG_2284 
IMG_2395 IMG_2402  
IMG_2437 IMG_2355
IMG_2308 IMG_2314  IMG_2365 IMG_2369 IMG_2378

After the fire station, we walked down the street to get gelato (yummy!).  Jace fell asleep on the walk home.
IMG_2463 IMG_2458

It’s hard work being a firefighter!
IMG_2443 (2)


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