Slides and Scrunchy Nose Smiles

Jace has discovered slides!  At first he was a little unsure (see the second picture, below), but eventually he decided slides are okay.  His shoes don’t slide very well, so he uses them as brakes to control his speed.  He has also discovered that’s it’s fun (and easy, in those shoes) to crawl back up the slide once you get to the bottom.  We got a small orange slide for him to play with at home and he’s been loving it.  He’s working on mastering the transition from walking up the steps to sitting down at the top.  He doesn’t like to slide down unless he’s holding on to someone – just one finger is all it takes.  It’s pretty cute.
IMG_2179 IMG_2181  IMG_2208 IMG_2207
IMG_2196 IMG_2214

Jace had some pretty spectacular hair the other day when he woke up (loved it!).  He also had a new “trick”.  He likes opening the drawer under the oven.  It’s where we keep our pans for grilling and Jace likes to pull everything out and play with it.  Well, his new “trick” is to open the drawer, lean over as far as he can, and touch the bottom of the drawer (or whatever pan is laying on the bottom).  Then he stares at me and calls to me until I notice and praise him for doing this “trick”.  I don’t quite get it, but he repeated it several times the other day.  Silly boy!
IMG_2234 IMG_2248

Jace is getting more and more comfortable with his walking.  He starts out by chasing this big green ball around the room.  He’ll pick it up and toss it, then walk after it.  He likes it ’cause it gives him some stability when he leans on it.  In the video he kinda abandons the ball and just takes off walking across the living room (with a detour to “pet” the dog). IMG_2237 IMG_2238 IMG_2239 IMG_2240

Walking and Talking – video

Jace is pretty cute – all day long!  Here’s a picture of him waiting for Adam to get home (sometimes we look out the window and watch for his car).  There’s another picture of Jace peering in one of the kitchen drawers.  I love when he goes up on his tippy toes like that!  Next is a screen shot from my iPhone.  Jace really likes pushing buttons, so he ends up having a lot of conversations with Siri.  I like listening to how Siri interprets his babbling.  This morning Jace was talking to Siri and he said “ca da” and she said “okay, calling Dad” (sorry Dad, it was 5am your time, I hung up quickly so maybe it didn’t actually ring?).  Other times Siri googles things for Jace (really random things).  It’s entertaining.

IMG_2254 IMG_2176 IMG_2262

Playgrounds are getting to be more and more fun now that Jace likes to walk and likes slides.  It’s fun when he walks around exploring.  Plus, his new ability to walk means that he can wander around the grocery store with Adam during our nightly walk to Weis.

As always, Jace loves his reflection.  He was sitting in front of the mirror a few days ago and he’d catch his own eye, stare himself down for a second, then smile.  He did it over and over.  It was hilarious!  Here’s a video – he does it once at the very beginning and then again near the very end.  I wish I hadn’t written his name on the mirror – or that I’d washed it more recently – but it’s still cute.

Sneaky Smile – video

Adam met us at the pool again the other day.  It was a bit breezy, so before we let Jace wander around the deck, we put him in his towel.  It was adorable!!!!IMG_2270 IMG_2271

Walking at the Pool – video

And lastly, Jace has a new favorite expression – the scrunchy nose smile!
IMG_2283 IMG_2260 IMG_2209


One thought on “Slides and Scrunchy Nose Smiles

  1. That is the cutest beach towel I’ve ever seen! And also the cutest Mohawk I’ve ever seen. Time to get some hair gel for that boy and teach him how to use it! I love the scrunchy nose smile. Sarah did that at right around the same age, and we called it her “funny face.” So we have a bunch of pictures where we’d say, “Do your funny face!” and she’d think she was doing some amazing trick.

    I LOVE your videos! You guys are going to be so glad you have them, once Jace is 6 feet tall and borrowing the car. He’s so adorable! And such a good walker! When he walked over to the bookcase, I expected to see him start pulling all the books off the shelf and onto the floor. Does he do that? XOXO WAL

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