So Much To Do!

It’s been another great couple of days!

Jace still thinks crayons are for eating, but occasionally he takes a break from snacking to make some marks on his paper.  Small victories….

We turned the kitchen table into a fort!  It was a popular place.  The cats loved it, Cuervo loved it, Jace loved it.  And they all used the blue tunnel as the way to get in and out of the fort!  When lunch time rolled around, Jace headed to his booster seat, reconsidered, and crawled into the fort.  We ate lunch and snack picnic-style under the table.IMG_1959 IMG_1965 IMG_1964

The weather has been great lately, so we’ve taken lots of walks.  On our way back from the swings, Jace fell asleep.  He was fighting sleep and refused to lean back in the stroller – and instead fell asleep with his fingers firmly wrapped around his snack tray.

Jace loves his shape sorter toy.  Sometimes he’ll sort the shapes.  Other times he just likes to put anything he can find through the shape sorter slots.  That includes legos, magnets, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, puzzle pieces, and whatever snack he’s got in his hand.  Sometimes Jace gets frustrated when he runs out of room in the tub and he has to dump everything out before he can sort any more pieces. The solution?  A gigantic box with a hole cut in the top!

Object Permanence – video

Adam has Jace in Ninja Turtle training already.  Claire isn’t too impressed with his nunchuck skills!  And, as always, the remotes for the fans/lights continue to fascinate Jace.  Cody hung out and watched while Jace turned the lights on and off and on and off and on and off.  Adam took a movie.  I like Jace’s triple-take reaction to seeing the camera.
IMG_2037 IMG_2030

On and Off and On and Off and On – video

We went to the pool today!  We don’t usually go on the weekends, but the weather was nice and we didn’t have any other errands to run this afternoon, so we headed over.  It was really fun to have Adam at the pool with us.  Plus, he took pictures.  Yay!

Sometimes it takes a little convincing to get Jace in the pool….IMG_2057

….but once he’s there he has a great time splashing around!IMG_2064 IMG_2066

He spent a lot of time walking around the edge of the pool – then got brave in the 2′ area and took some steps on his own!  We took a break from the little pool and headed to the big pool to show Adam how much Jace likes “jumping” in.  Jace sits on the edge of the pool and helps me countdown from 3.  Then he lunges off the edge and into my arms and I spin him waaaay up high in the air, before we crash down into the water.  He loves it!IMG_2072 IMG_2127  IMG_2073

We had our traditional post-swim snack break – melts and water – then headed home.
IMG_2155 IMG_2167 IMG_2146

In a previous post, I mentioned how Jace loves cucumbers and tomatoes – and how he likes to dip his food in balsamic vinegar before he eats it.  Well, tonight was no exception.  Apparently he’d worked up quite an appetite.  After he’d eaten tons of pasta, broccoli, and carrots, he asked to get out of his booster seat and promptly crawled into my lap to eat some more.  He made a mess, but it was almost bath time so we didn’t care.  Besides, he was having a great time!

Dipping Sauce – video



3 thoughts on “So Much To Do!

  1. Balsamic Vinegar?! He already has a sophisticated pallatte! And the pool pics? Great! I really loved seeing him work the light switch! Ya gotta admit, a remote control for the light? Heck, I was amazed when we got a remote control for the TV! How long ago was that?! xoxo

  2. Oh these posts. I love these. I love the videos. I watch them over and over and over. ADORABLE. Thank you for sharing these moments!!! I love you all.

    • You’ve made me hungry for cucumbers, tomatoes and basalmic vinagrette! Not crayons though! Yay for the tunnel fort- looks like full on family fun! Cause and effect toys seem to be popular… Good to know… 😉.

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