Jace, Jace, Jace

I haven’t posted in a while because there hasn’t been anything “big” to post about.  But here are some pictures of all the “little” things that have been going on in the life of Jace!

Jace and I have spent a LOT of time at various parks.  We have three good ones pretty close to our house that we really like.  Here are some pictures from our time at the park.
IMG_1782 IMG_1784 IMG_1786 IMG_1823 IMG_1839 IMG_1858 IMG_1859   photo 4 IMG_1934

We’ve also been spending a lot of time in the playroom.  The new configuration of the couch is a huge hit with Jace.  There’s still a battle going on between Jace and the cats for ownership of the blue tunnels.  When Jace finds one (or both!) cats in the tunnel, he happily crawls through – and directly over – the cats, shouting the whole time.  No scratches or cat bites yet!
IMG_1942 IMG_1873 IMG_1801 IMG_1791

We met Adam for lunch one day this week.  Jace didn’t care much for lunch, but he loved playing with Adam’s sunglasses.  That night Adam and Jace got haircuts.  As you’ll recall, Jace didn’t enjoy his last haircut (screamed the whole time).  This time?  This time we gave him a lollipop and made it out of there with no tears.  Hurray!
IMG_1893 IMG_1885

Meal times have gotten interesting….  Jace has a new fascination with touching things with his feet.  He loves to read the touch-and-feel books and do the “feeling” with his feet.  He likes to touch his feet to all kinds of textures outside.  He likes to put his feet on the walls, the couch, the cabinets, and anything else he can reach.  And now he likes to put his feet on his food too.  Wouldn’t be so bad if blueberries weren’t one of his favorite foods!
photo 1 IMG_1881
IMG_1944  IMG_1947

Baby-proofing is never ending.  I guess I didn’t realize that.  I have (nope, HAD) the entire main level baby-proofed.  Gates on the stairs, locks on the cabinets, plugs in the outlets, bumpers on the corners of the table.  I was set!  So today I ran down to the basement to switch the laundry and left Jace in the perfectly safe playroom/kitchen/dining room area.  When I came back upstairs, Jace had climbed onto the kitchen chair (see the picture above) and was just about the crawl on to the table.  Who knew he could do that?!?!

Our neighbor’s brother is a farmer.  He has more cucumbers and tomatoes than he can sell, so we’ve been getting tons of fresh veggies lately.  Our new favorite snack is cucumbers, tomatoes, and mozzarella dipped in balsamic vinegar and pesto.  Jace has discovered that he likes that snack too!  I wasn’t too surprised that he liked the cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese, but it turns out he likes the balsamic and the pesto just as much.  I’m not sure if it’s the flavor or the act of dipping that he likes though….  Today I gave him a few cubes of cheddar cheese and he crawled up on my lap so he could dip those in balsamic before eating them!
photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2)

Ahhh, two pictures of Cuervo.  The first one is Cuervo being adorable.  Awww!  The second one is taken 30 seconds after I discovered that Cuervo likes the taste of crayons.  Yup, we got a brand new box of crayons for Jace. Jace has a tendency to eat crayons instead of color with them, so I was planning on watching him closely during that activity.  But before we even got started, Cuervo discovered the crayons.  Guess eating crayons runs in the family.
photo 2 IMG_1931

Lastly, Jace still loves playing with mirrors – and kissing his reflection!  He just woke up (AGAIN), so I have to go.  More pictures and videos soon!


2 thoughts on “Jace, Jace, Jace

  1. Wow! Jace seems to have a busy schedule lately! I love the pics at the park! And, I’m glad he has such sophisticated taste buds for a kid his age! He looks so happy! I love the beautiful smiles and all the things he is curious about! He’s wonderful! Please move to Alaska…..

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