Today was a day of walking.  On previous days, if coached, Jace was willing to walk a few steps between me and Adam or between me and the couch.  But today?  Today Jace was walking everywhere!  He would stand up in the kitchen next to me, look at the opposing cabinets, and set off for them.  He would stand up by the couch, look at Adam sitting in the middle of the room, and just start walking.  He walked from chair to chair by the table without a trace of hesitation.  It was a fun day!  Check out the 6 second video!



2 thoughts on “Walking!

  1. Walking! SOOOO exciting! I love the stories about the pool, the books, the walking! Tantrums? I don’t think so! Not my grandson! No way! Ha ha! Do they last long? At least he’s got a strong personality! He knows what he wants! 🙂 xoxo

  2. How exciting!!!! Must’ve been all that hand holding walking around practice?!?!
    (So cute that you think it’s a 6 second video… Watching it over and over again makes it a lot longer than 6 seconds!!)

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