Home, Sweet Home

Jace and I really enjoyed our last days in Colorado.  Jace went swimming with his cousins, we went out to lunch with his Aunt Amelia, and we spent lots of time playing with his Grandparents.  Jace loved reading books with Grandma – and playing peek-a-boo over the back of the couch!

We visited Amelia at work and Jace tried out a career in banking.  There were lots of buttons to push.  Jace loooooves pushing buttons.
IMG_1589 IMG_1603

But eventually Jace got tired of the buttons and went back to his favorite activity – holding hands and walking around.  He had a great time exploring the bank.
IMG_1607 IMG_1613

We were sad to leave Colorado, but excited to head home to Adam.  He’s showing off his top teeth in the first picture and watching luggage being loaded onto the plane in the second picture.  As usual, Jace was an AMAZING traveler.  He napped on the drive to the airport and then was wide awake the entire flight from Denver to Philadelphia.  We sat next to a really nice woman who taught Jace how to raise and lower the arm rest.  She might have regretted that by the end of the flight, but it was fun to mix up the in-flight activities….  Open and close the window, lower and raise the tray table, unlatch and latch the seat belt, then raise and lower the arm rest.  Fun, fun!  Jace even discovered that he can stick his hand behind the seat and raise and lower the window shade for the row behind us!  Luckily the girls back there were friendly.  They spent a good 20 minutes playing peek-a-boo with Jace over the back of the seat.  I love when other people want to provide entertainment!

We arrived in Philadelphia, got our luggage, and got to see Adam!  Yay!  We stopped for dinner on our drive home.  Jace wasn’t too sure about Adam at first, but as soon as Adam offered to hold hands and walk around the restaurant, Jace was all smiles!  Now that we’ve been back home for a day, Jace seems to be settling back into the old routine.  He’s very happy to have his Daddy doing bath time again, is happy to sleep in his own crib, and has been playing with his toys like crazy.  Jace and I had a wonderful trip – and we’re so glad we got to visit everyone! – but it’s nice to be home!
IMG_1636 IMG_1647

I couldn’t figure out how to upload videos to the website from my phone, but here are four short videos from the past week!

Shape Sorter – video
Jace loves his shape sorter toy at home.  While we were in Alaska he played with another version of that toy – and liked it just as much.  He’s great with the round shapes, but is getting pretty good with the squares and triangles too!

Raspberries on the Couch – video
Pretty much just what the title suggests….  Jace has discovered how to blow raspberries – and demonstrated that skill on the leather couch at his grandparent’s house.  Everyone was laughing, which just encouraged him to keep going!

Taking a Few Steps – video
Here it is – the walking video!  It’s just a few steps, but it’s really exciting.  Since we’ve been home, Jace has taken one or two steps quite a few times.  We’ll get more videos once he’s taking a few more steps in a row!

Jack-in-the-Box – video
The Jack-in-the-Box was the toy of the day today.  It’s a toy Jace hasn’t shown much interest in for a while, but today?  Today he was all about the Jack-in-the-Box!  He doesn’t play with it in the traditional sense, and doesn’t seem too enthused when we turn the handle and make Jack pop out of the box, but he likes to push the release lever to free Jack, clap for himself, and then have us tuck Jack back into the box.  He and Adam played that game for almost 30 minutes this morning.


One thought on “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Seriously one well loved little boy! Who remains the cutest to this day!!
    Lovin this blog to see all of his adventures, family interactions, videos, pictures, stories, and all of his milestones 😀

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