An Aquarium AND the Zoo

We’re having so much fun in Colorado!  Yesterday we spent the day at Manitou Springs.  Jace hung out with Grandma while Amelia and I ran around the arcade for three hours.  So much fun!  There were tons of “rides” for kids for $0.25.  We loaded Jace into a bunch of different rides with limited success until we found the carousel.  He smiled as his Aunt Amelia ran circles to keep him on the horse!
image image

After the arcade, we headed to Bass Pro for dinner.  Jace loved the aquarium!  We checked out a huge grizzly bear, then headed back to the house to play in the sprinkler.image image image image image image

Today we got up and headed to the zoo!  Jace had a great time looking at the animals and hanging out with his cousins.  He wasn’t so sure about being face-to-face with a giraffe, but he did love pointing at all the animals as he saw them.  And as always, he loved walking around.  Jace was happy and engaged the entire time we were there – despite the fact that we flew passed nap time.  Jace’s first trip to the zoo was a total success!

image image image
imageimage image      image   imageimage


One thought on “An Aquarium AND the Zoo

  1. Zoo? All I saw was Jace! ha ha! He looks like he had fun! And so cool to be there with his cousins and grandparents!

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