Playing in Colorado!

After flying through the night, Jace and I arrived in Coloardo!  (Great) Uncle Phil and (Great) Aunt Betty picked us up and drove us down to Monument.  I was worried Jace would be fussy after so much travel, but he was excited to meet Phil and Betty – and Betty even managed to keep him happy the entire drive!

We made it to Monument and Grandma and Grandpa were ready with toys and breakfast!
image image

Kelly and Dane stopped by and Jace got to meet his cousins – Ryanya and Ronyn.  Ryanya showed Jace where the toy phones are kept, helped him turn the walker toys when he ended up in a corner, and was really happy to spend the afternoon playing with her cousin “Baby Jace”.
image image image image
image image

Not quite sure what Jace thought of his Uncle Dane, but I love this picture!image

The next day, Dane and Kelly came over again and this time Jace got to meet the rest of his cousins – Christian and Andre.  It was great watching the cousins play together.  Everyone was so nice to their cousin, “Baby Jace”.
image image image image

When it got cooler outside, Jace practiced some walking outside with Grandpa, checked out the flowers with Grandma, and hung out with the dogs. image image  image image

That night Aunt Amelia came over.  Jace was happy to share some of his sliced grapes!image image

Jace showed off his favorite iPad app (BabyView!) to his grandparents and Grandpa came up with an excellent remedy for teething pain (yup, he’s teething again).image image

Jace spent the next afternoon playing with blocks with Grandma – then headed over to his cousin’s house for some more playtime!
image image image image

We are having a wonderful time in Colorado and have lots of fun stuff planned for the next few days.  Plus, guess what Jace did last night?!  HE WALKED!  And it wasn’t just the odd step or two that he’s been experimenting with for the last few weeks.  Nope, last night he was walking with Grandpa – holding hands – when all of a sudden he just took off!  Adam happened to be on the phone (FaceTime) when he did it, so he got to see Jace walking too!  Jace took 5 steps, stabilized himself with Grandpa’s hands, then took another 5 steps.  Later, he took 8 steps across the living room before switching to crawling.  He’s amazing!  Plus, you can tell he’s proud of himself because after he finishes taking his steps, he sits down and claps for himself.  So cute!  I’ll try to get some video soon!


3 thoughts on “Playing in Colorado!

  1. VID-DEE-OH! VID-DEE-OH! VID-DEE-OH!!! i can hardly wait to see him walking by himself! That’s so exciting! It looks like you’re all having a great time with so many relatives. All those adorable cousins! xoxo wal

  2. OH MY GOSH! What a great vacation you guys are having! I am sooooo excited for Jace because he has so many YOUNG cousins! Just think how much fun family reunions are going to be with all those kids! It’s great to see him interacting with other kids, oh yeah….and the adults too ! Ha, ha. Cherie and Richard look like they are having fun with Baby Jace and Ameila and Kelly, too….but Dane? He better watch out….that is such a cute picture. He looks like he thinks he is a super power guy and it also looks like he thinks Dane is a giant! So adorable. All those kids!!!! Yay! And WALKING!!! I agree with WAL, video!!!! Can’t wait to see it and I’m super happy Adam didn’t miss out on it. Love you all so much.

  3. WOW!!! So much has happened in such a few days!!! I love seeing Jace with his Grandparents and cousins! It looks like they’re having a blast! And walking?!!! Oh my goodness! It’s so exciting! He is so adorable, and I love how everyone there is rooting for him! It’s wonderful! Wish I could be there! Send lots pics and videos! xoxo Mom

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