More Fun in Alaska!

We had a great last few days in Alaska.

Jace played with his new tunnel toys….
image image

Did some more exploring outside….
image image

Rode around the house in his chariot(!)….
image image

Jace spent some time with everyone – and even played some pinball with Grandpa!image imageimage imageimage imageimage image

We went for a walk – and played on the swings….
image image

And before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport.  It was sad to leave Alaska – and Grandma and Grandpa! – but we had a wonderful trip.  And now it’s off to Colorado!  We got some great views of Mount Rainier from the plane, and, as always, Jace was an amazing traveller!
image imageimage


4 thoughts on “More Fun in Alaska!

  1. Seeing all the pictures is one thing… But playing with Jace in all of his toddlerness in person- is truly THE BESTEST EVER!!!

    Thank you for flying such a long way to ALaska!! And making some time for me!!! I’m sooooo happy I got to meet Jace, and see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So happy you guys had so much fun in Alaska! I’m really glad that Auntie Tif got to play with Jace too! You look wonderful,Tif. Jace looks like he has fun all the time. HE just doesn’t cry at all, huh? Ha, ha. I KNOW you will have tons of fun in Colorado and I sure hope you can fit in Aunt Lisa! I wonder if Aunt Lisa knows that Joey Pearlman was performing in her Telluride Jazz Festival????? I think that is soooo cool. Love you all.

  3. Looking at pictures of Jace playing with, or snuggling with his grandparents is such a wonderful reminder of what life is all about. xoxo WAL

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