12 Months – Adjusted

If Jace had been born on his due date, we’d be celebrating his first birthday today!

Below are all the “actual” and “adjusted” pictures.  The first two are the day he was born (May 23rd) and his due date (July 7th).  There’s a huge difference between “actual” and “adjusted” age in the pictures for the first few months, but now the difference isn’t very pronounced.  Most doctors use adjusted age for the first 2.5 years.

While we’re not celebrating his birthday today, we ARE celebrating the fact that we’re done taking pictures in “month” onesies!  I love the pictures, but it has just gotten so hard to get Jace to lay on his back for the picture.  I had Adam help me with the pictures today and we still couldn’t get a picture of Jace on his back and smiling.  He’s much too interested in flipping over and being on the go and he refuses to smile when he’s being pinned on his back for a picture.  We did get a few pictures of him standing up and smiling though!
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One thought on “12 Months – Adjusted

  1. Wow! reviewing the pictures from birth to a year was incredible! He is a wonder baby, and you two are wonderful parents. Jace is soooo fortunate, and so are we! We couldn’t have asked for a better daughter, better son-in-law, or better sweet little baby!

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