He’s got teeth!  After several rough nights, those top two teeth finally broke through the surface.  Yay!  The tooth on the top right showed up last Tuesday.  The tooth on the top left finally showed up last night.  Last night we also got TWO stretches of sleep that were around two hours.  It was wonderful!  I tried to get a picture of the new teeth, but they’re not far enough through the gums to show up yet.  In a week or so I’m sure he’ll have a super cute FOUR TOOTH smile.  Until then, here are some other pictures….

Adam came to the park with us to watch Jace practice walking.  Jace has decided anything and everything can be used as a walker.  We left the stroller sitting in the grass at the park.  Jace crawled over to it and took off!
100_6407 100_6413

Jace has tried out some new foods lately – watermelon, marshmallows, honeydew, tuna fish, and a gigantic chocolate bar!
100_6417 photo 2

Lastly, Jace and I had a lunch date with Adam yesterday!  We drove to a restaurant near his work.  They both seemed really excited to see each other in the middle of the day!


3 thoughts on “Teeth!

  1. CUTEST BABY BOY EVER. Of course he liked the chocolate, but how did he like that sloppy sweet watermelon???? Did it get all over his little face? So cute. I love hearing when he tries new food. It would be so exciting to watch in person. Love you guys. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. He looks so happy! Glad those teeth are through the gums. That was a killer. I think the other teeth aren’t as painful as those first 4, is that right? Can’t wait to see you soon!!! xoxo

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