Jacen’s First (Official) Haircut

We decided Jace needed a haircut.  You can’t really tell from the “before” pictures, but his hair was getting really long in the back.  And pretty long in the front.  And over his ears.  Yeah, it was haircut time.  Jace was happy in the car on the drive over.  And happy in the waiting area.  But as soon as he sat down in the chair and they put the cloak on him, he was UNhappy.  Poor Jace!  The haircut took a while because we had to take breaks for Jace to calm down.  Even veggie straws weren’t helping!  But we finally got through it, and the results are pretty good.  The back looks much nicer and I think Jace likes that the hair isn’t touching his ears anymore.  He’s adorable!

“Before” Pictures
100_6284 100_6288 100_6289

“During” Pictures
100_6290 100_6292 100_6291

“After” Pictures
100_6299 100_6301


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