We Went Swimming!

It’s been a while since I posted, but I just didn’t think I’d taken many pictures.  Today we (finally) got to go swimming, so we took a ton of pictures.  When I uploaded them, I realized I had a bunch of other pictures I should have posted already.  Here’s what’s been happening lately!

Jace has played with a bunch of new toys at various doctors appointment and while waiting at Midas for my car to be fixed.  After $3,000, Adam and I both managed to pass the annual “safety” inspection for the state of Pennsylvania.

Jace has discovered that you can play peek-a-boo around the corner of the wall in the playroom.  It’s a popular game right now.  He also LOVES his walking toys.  He uses them to walk all around the playroom, kitchen, and hallway now!  In fact, it’s hard getting him to sit still sometimes.  I had to strap him into the highchair to get him to hold still long enough to put his footprints on Adam’s Father’s Day present!
photo-24 (2) 100_6280

Father’s Day went pretty well, I think.  We took Adam to Moe’s for lunch.  On Sundays kids eat for free, so Jace got his first kids meal.  He was so ready to dive into lunch that he wouldn’t smile for a picture until he had food in his hands.100_6229 100_6232

Cody’s new favorite sleeping location is in the stroller.  He loves it there.  Today he resisted my efforts to kick him out of the stroller, so I just strapped Jace in on top of him.  I don’t think either one of them was overly thrilled with that arrangement – although Jace did laugh every time Cody’s whiskers would touch his neck!
100_6226 100_6226a 100_6224 100_6225

And that brings us to today.  WE FINALLY GOT TO GO SWIMMING!  We bought a pool pass two weekends ago and I have been so excited to use it.  And then every single day last week was overcast and rainy.  Every single one!  Today, however, was bright and sunny.  Adam was in training and got out really early, so he got to come to the pool too!

The pool is awesome.  There’s a big pool for older kids with a twisty slide and laplanes.  But the pool we played in runs from 9 inches deep to 2 feet deep.  Since it’s so shallow it’s not even too cold.  And the pool is walking distance from our house!

Jace wasn’t sure what he thought of the pool at first, but after walking around for a little while, he remembered how much fun it is to go swimming.  He loves to splash!
Swim (1) Swim (3) Swim (6) Swim (5)Swim (4)

Jace played in the water for almost an hour today, then he used his new Ninja Turtle towel to keep warm while he ate veggie straws the whole stroller ride home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and we can head to the pool again!
Swim (7) Swim (8)


2 thoughts on “We Went Swimming!

  1. Love these new pictures! So happy at the pool!!! Was he able to get his head wet? That was always so hard to do!!!!! Looks like Adam had lots of fun on Father’s Day!!! And, I am so excited because it looks like Jace had his first quesadilla the same week Rod did! They are both so brave to try new food! Yay! Love you guys.

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