11 Months – Adjusted

We’re past the 11 month adjusted mark.  Only one more picture to take.  That’s a good thing because it is tricky getting a picture before Jace rolls over and takes off crawling! 
April (80)

Jace and Cuervo are pretty good friends now.  The new rule is that Cuervo can eat anything that Jace drops from the high chair, but Cuervo canNOT eat any food that isn’t on the floor or food that Jace is still interested in eating.  We were running into issues because Cuervo would eat the food right out of Jace’s hand.  Repeatedly.  Now our biggest problem is that Jace likes to “show” you his food when he’s eating.  He has every intention of taking more bites of whatever he’s got, but first he wants to hold it out for you to see.  Cuervo thinks it’s Jace’s way of offering to share.  It’s a tricky lesson for a dog to learn, but he’s doing really well!
100_6176 100_6179

Jace has been trying some new foods lately.  He is not a big fan of deli meat or cheese quesadillas (!), but he loves pears, mixed veggies, and cheesy broccoli/pasta meals.  No matter what we’re eating, it’s always a messy experience!
100_6182 100_6181  100_6183 100_6186

Jace is still loving his walking toys.  He spends a good portion of his day walking from one side of the room to the other.  And back again.  And again.  And again.  The cats have finally learned to stay out of the way!

But despite all the fun we have during the day, the highlight is always 5pm – when Daddy gets home!


2 thoughts on “11 Months – Adjusted

  1. Totally love it! I love that he shares with Cuervo, and Cuervo is SO well behaved! 🙂 And, I love how he is so excited to see Adam when he gets home! And, I love how you take care of him all-day-long! Can’t wait until you arrive! xoxo Be

  2. What happened to the crabby baby who cried all the time?? Does your kid ever stop smiling and laughing? He looks so wonderfully happy, I can’t help but grin along with him when I look at the pictures. It’s been so amazing watching him grow bigger each month. He’ll be walking any day now! xoxoxo

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