He’s Learning So Fast!

Jace is so much fun! He’s learned a bunch of new skills in the last few days!

* He can stand unsupported!  He’ll be holding on to the wall/tub/windowsill with one hand and holding a toy with the other hand, then suddenly he’ll let go of the wall/tub/windowsill and hold the toy with two hands.  He stands for about 10 seconds and then either sits down or grabs on to the wall again to steady himself.  It’s very cute!

* He’s figured out the touch-and-feel books!  When he reads his books, he now checks the pages to see if there are any furry or fuzzy or scratchy spots to feel – or flaps to lift!

* He’s mastered the sippy cup straw!  We’re still working on the spill-proof straws, but he’s doing great with the straws that don’t have any extra resistance.  He even reaches for his cup now during meal times when he wants a drink!

* He can use the learning walker!  He is fast with that walker.  He zips across the room with no regard for any thing – or cat – that might be in his way.  When he gets to the wall, sometimes he walks around to the other side of the walker and pushes it backwards back to the starting point!

* He can clap!  In fact, he really likes to clap!  He claps for himself sometimes, he claps when we clap, he claps when we say “Yay, Jacen!”, he claps when you wave at him, and he claps when he’s happy.  Adorable!

* He’s developing a great sense of humor!  Jace is so funny.  And the things he thinks are funny are so random!  He likes to try and steal glasses off of your face.  And when you peek at him above or below your sunglasses he thinks it’s hilarious.  Lately the cats make him laugh – especially when they brush up against him or get within touching distance.  Jace loves it when you touch his toys – or his fingers – with your nose.  I don’t get it, but he thinks it’s hilarious!  He also likes loud sound effects so when he throws or knocks over a toy, he appreciates it if you say “crash” really loudly.  And lastly, he thinks it’s funny to knock his sippy cup off his high chair tray.  Over and over and over again.  But I love when he laughs, so it’s a fun game for me too (for now)!
photo-22 (2)

Walkering and Clapping – video

Laughing at the Sippy Cup – video

We went for a walk today.  Jace likes to eat cereal puffs off the tray of the stroller.  Today he decided we needed help finding our way home and he dropped pieces of cereal off his tray – one-by-one – the entire way from the house to the park.  Silly boy!  He’s the best!100_6165
0606141745a (2)


One thought on “He’s Learning So Fast!

  1. I can just imagine how quickly your world will change when your super duper fast learner learns how to walk!!!! Cannot wait for that video!!

    You’ve got such a cute boy!! (And the playroom looks great!)

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