Baseball with the Grandparents!

It has been a really fun few days.  Jace’s grandparents came to visit.  In between unpacking boxes, we’ve gone to two baseball games!  Over the weekend we went to a Phillies game and last night we went to an IronPigs game (AAA for the Phillies).100_6103 100_6114100_6112  100_6117 100_6119
photo 1

After the Phillies game we headed to Sonny’s for the “best cheesesteaks in Philly”.  They were actually really yummy!  The next day we unpacked a bunch of boxes and Jace helped Grandpa baby-proof some cabinets.  It is SO helpful to have extra hands around the house!  Jace will play with Grandma while I organize things in the cabinets and my dad does a zillion projects around the house.  Then Jace and Grandpa will go for a walk (or two!) while my mom and I unpack more boxes.  It’s a great schedule!
100_6122 100_6131

Last night after the IronPigs game, Jace was too excited to sleep.  He was playing in the playroom and we kept setting the learning walker in front of him.  Eventually he crawled over to it, pulled himself up, and took off!  It was awesome!  Over and over he walked with the walker across the room, crashed into the wall, and sat down.  We’d turn the walker around and he’d go back the other way.  Eventually he seemed to lose interest and crawled over to play with some other toys.  We put the walker against the wall and sat back to watch Jace play.  Well, turns out Jace wasn’t done with the walker!  He crawled over to it, pulled himself up, manuvered it away from the wall, walked to the opposite wall (and didn’t smack into it!), performed a 7 point turn – while standing – to get turned around, walked back, and parked the walker carefully by the wall where he’d started.  It was so cool!  And so impressive!  ‘Course then he decided to try it again and in the midst of pulling himself up to a stand, he tipped over backwards and pulled the walked over on top of himself.  But still – he’s getting there!  We have big plans to take the walker outside today so he has a longer stretch of area before hitting a wall.  He was loving playing with it last night.  Good job, Jacen!

And He’s Off – video
This isn’t the best example of him walking, but it’s the best video I got.  This was one of his first attempts of the evening – we still had the walker on the level 1 setting and he wasn’t very steady on his feet.  By the end of the evening we’d up it to level 2 and he was much more balanced and his steps were much more even!  More videos soon!



One thought on “Baseball with the Grandparents!

  1. How exciting! He looks so close to being independent with walking!!! And baseball games with grandparents sound like great fun!
    I’m glad you got some extra hands to help with the unpacking.

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