The “What Am I Doing With My Life” Pose

Sleep is going a tiny bit better!  Lately we’ve been getting a 2 hour block of sleep (7:30-9:30pm) followed by another 2 hour block of sleep (10pm – 12midnight).  It’s exciting!  When he wakes up during the 2 hour blocks – around 8:30pm or 11pm – he gets into the pose Adam has nicknamed the “What Am I Doing With My Life” position.  Every time Jace starts to wake up, he sits up immediately.  This position is likely what keeps Jace from sleeping, so, while it’s frustrating, it’s also pretty cute.  In the “What Am I Doing With My Life” position, Jace sit up with he back against the solid wall of the crib.  His legs are splayed out in front of him, his hands hang limply at his sides, and he hangs his head.  This is usually accompanied by a very pathetic sounding whimper.  If you catch him in this pose quickly enough, you can tip him on to his side and he goes right back to sleep!  Now if only we can figure out why he sits up in the first place….  But anyways, sleep has been going better – and giving Adam and I some time together in the evenings – so that’s fun!

Jace’s latest and greatest activity is pulling all the books off the shelves.  About 30 seconds after we get to the playroom, the floor looks like this (see below).  I pick the books up and put them back, but then he just pulls them all down again!  So usually I just leave all the books all over the floor until about 5 minutes before Adam gets home.  Sneaky!
100_6096 photo 2

Jace likes to eat!  We tried beef ravioli yesterday and it was a hit!  Our biggest issue with food is that Jace loves to “share” with Cuervo.  He’s learned that when he throws food from his highchair, Cuervo comes running.  It’s become quite the game.  Luckily, only one ravioli made it off the tray yesterday.  The carpet is safe, for now!
100_6097 100_6098

Jace had his 1 year check up yesterday.  His head size is 19 inches (99th percentile), his height is 32 inches (99th percentile), and his weight is 24lbs 2 oz (80th percentile).  I don’t believe the height measurement, but the doctor checked it again and claims he got the same reading.  He measures from the center of the foot to the center of the top of the head.  I don’t think it’s fair to curve the measuring tape around the side of the head to get the reading, but whatever.  In any case, Jace has gotten a lot taller, thinned down, and is looking great!  He seems to be right on track with all of his milestones and had a great check up.  Hurray!


2 thoughts on “The “What Am I Doing With My Life” Pose

  1. I LOVE ravioli!! The sleeping pattern sounds really hard, but at least it is better than it was! It sounds like he is totally asleep when he sits up like that for no reason. Especially since he goes right back to sleep if you catch him quickly. Sounds awfully cute, though. I think the best storage spot for all books and toys is the floor! Hahahahahahahaha. Jace looks and sounds like a healthy happy little one year old! He is such a lucky guy. I wish I could be there to play. xoxoxoxxoxox

  2. He’s such a big boy! Apparently no one bothered to tell Jace that he was 7 weeks early, so he just took cues from his dad and plans to be a big guy. So cool!

    SR, it sounds like what he’s going through at night might be night terrors. You suffered from night terrors when you were little (very upsetting for your mommy), and then you just grew out of them..There’s lots of stuff on the internet about them, with plenty of suggestions for parents. Most of the things, you’ve already tried. Some of the ideas, like waking him up a few minutes before you expect him to do his sit up in the crib thing (to disrupt the sleep cycle disturbance) sound tricky. Let me know if you’d like me to research it more.


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