Twelve Months Old!

We have a ONE YEAR OLD! 100_6067

I’m glad the onesies only go up to 12 months.  Getting pictures of Jace laying on his back is hard work!  Of course, I didn’t help things by putting the blanket on the floor so close to his toys….  Every time I’d try to take a picture, he’d roll over and crawl off to play with his new presents!
100_6070 100_6072

But, with Adam’s help, we managed to get the 12 month picture.  Here are all the pictures, starting with two from the day he was born (no lion yet for those).  He’s grown so much!
IMG_0243 IMG_0254   104_2100 104_2439104_2732 104_3017  104_3214 104_3536104_3994 104_4447104_4742 104_5094 April (80) 100_6059

Jace was 5 pounds and 18 inches when he was born.  Now he’s right around 23.5 pounds and just over 30 inches!  His weight has actually stayed the same for the past 3 months – now that he’s so active!  We’ll get official weight/height measurements next week at his one year check up.

Lastly, here are some cake pictures from Jace’s birthday.  He wasn’t very interested in eating the cake.  He smashed it – and played with the frosting, though he didn’t like having it stuck to his hands – but I’m not sure any of it made it to his mouth.  He ate a ton of broccoli at lunch today, so I can’t complain about his eating habits!
100_6076100_6079 100_6081  100_6085 100_6086

Luckily, Cuervo was ready to help with clean up!100_6065 100_6090

Happy Birthday, Jace!  We love you sooooo much!  It’s been a great year!100_6087


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