Chocolate, Throwing Up, Chocolate, and Presents!

It’s been a busy few days with Grandma! Jace was all smiles playing with his new Batman toys.  We tried to play with markers, but Jace was more entertained by the mat we had on the floor to protect the carpet.

The cat door continues to be fascinating for everyone.100_5900 100_5901

On Sunday we went to CHOCOLATE WORLD!  We all had a great time.  ‘Course that’s easy for me to say – I’m the only one who didn’t end up covered in throw up!  But more on that in a second….  The drive to Hershey, PA is about 90 minutes.  Jace tried to nap, but he wasn’t feeling very well so it made napping difficult.  Once we got out of the car, Jace was a little happier.  For our first activity, we went to a chocolate tasting.  Jace did pretty well and was happy to play with the water bottles we all got to cleanse our palates between chocolate types.   

After the tasting, we went on the free “tour” of how chocolate is made.  It’s a 15 minute ride on a moving car.  There are lots of bright lights, loud noises, and singing cows.  Jace was pretty entertained!  They take an official photo of you on the ride and you can purchase it for $15.99.  I took a picture of the screen instead.  Apparently that is against the rules and they yell at you.  But they stop yelling at you when your baby starts throwing up peaches and sweet potatoes all over the place!  I had another outfit for Jace and the sweet potatoes and peaches kinda blended in with the pattern on Adam’s shirt, so it wasn’t too bad….
100_5904 100_5912

After Jace got sick, we washed our hands, picked up our free samples of chocolate, and headed to our next event – Create Your Own Candy Bar!  Jace was a bit tired.100_5917 100_5918

In fact, Jace was sound asleep in his grandma’s arms before we even made it to the assembly line.  Cherie and Jace went to find a bench outside while Adam and I supervised the creation of our chocolate bars.  The whole process is pretty cool.  You get to pick your chocolate flavor (dark, milk, or white), you pick your mix-ins (crispy rice, pretzel, chocolate cookie, toffee, butterscotch chips, and chocolate chips), and you specify if you want sprinkles on top.  Then, you follow YOUR candy bar through the factory!  While the chocolate is cooling, you get to design your wrapper.  At the end of the process, you end up with a custom chocolate bar in a cool tin with a fancy wrapper!  100_5925 100_5927100_5923 100_5930

After we got our chocolate bars, we went looking for Cherie and Jace.  Jace had slept in Cherie’s arms during the entire 45-minute candy-making experience.  He seemed very happy.  So did Cherie!  In fact, I think this was her favorite part of the entire visit!
100_5928 100_5929

By this point, we’d all had quite a bit of candy, but not much real food.  We tried the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate BBQ Chicken pizza.  It was pretty good!  Jace slept and slept.  When he woke up, it was time for a trolley ride!  He seemed pretty happy for the first half for the ride.  And then he seemed decidedly less happy.  Adam, Cherie, and Jace were in one row in the trolley.  I was in the row behind them.  And THAT is the reason that I ended the day NOT covered in throw up!  Poor Jace.  After he finished getting sick, he was worn out and fell asleep in his grandma’s arms again.
100_5931 100_5933

After the trolley ride, Jace got another outfit change while Cherie and Adam – who didn’t have spare clothes along – headed into the Hershey 4D experience.  Jace and I explored the gift shop, checked out the baked goods, and had some relaxing time in the 2 photo 1

And by the time the 4D movie was over, Jace was all smiles again!  Adam and I did some final shopping while Jace hung out with his Grandma and waved at everyone.  So our Hershey trip ended on a high note with everyone happy!100_5935

Today, Jace seems to be feeling much better.  He and Cuervo plotted ways to get around the baby gates and then he played on some packaging paper with Cody and Claire. 100_5939 100_5950

Cherie and Adam worked installing a doggie cable run.  Jace and Cuervo supervised. 100_5947 100_5940

Jace is a stair climbing expert!  He likes being outside – and hanging out on the deck!
100_5941 100_5946

We ended the evening with a delicious dinner – Jace loooooves his macaroni and cheese!  And then, Jace got an early birthday present from Grandma!  Fun, fun, fun!  It’s been so much fun having Grandma in town!
100_5944 100_5954


2 thoughts on “Chocolate, Throwing Up, Chocolate, and Presents!

  1. Wow! What a day! It sounds like a great time (except for the throw up! What do you think made him sick?). I’m so glad you are having so much fun while Sherri is there! She looks so happy with Jace! 🙂 Who wouldn’t be?! And, that’s a cool little riding toy he got too! Lots of yard work today while Tom searches for gold. More later! xoxo

  2. Love love love those pictures! You guys look like you had a great time at Chocolate World! I love the hair net for Jace! I’m amazed you had TWO changes of clothes for him with you! What a prepared family you are. Looks like Jace is ADORING his grandma Cherie. And, looks like Cherie is adoring her grandson!!! Adam also looks exceptionally handsome these days. PA must be really suiting everyone! The yard looks like it is going to be big enough for the animals and Jace to have lots of fun this summer! Yay! So happy for you all. I miss you so much.

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