A New House and Time with Grandma!

On Monday morning, Jace and I packed up the last of the hotel room and moved over to the new house.

Everyone was fascinated by the cat door to the basement.  I had to remove the flap before the kitties would walk through the door!
100_5843 100_5850

Cuervo and Claire met our “neighbor”.  This groundhog lives in the backyard.  He’s HUGE!100_5861

Our new place has STAIRS and Jace loves them!  It took us a few days to get baby gates.  Jace spent those days crawling up the stairs over and over and over again.  He thought it was hilarious when we would crawl up the stairs to chase after him.  Very cute!100_5862

Jace was happy to get all of his toys back….  And putting the play table inside the pack’n’play seems to keep him occupied for quite a while!
100_5867 100_5870

The first room we worked on unpacking was the playroom!100_5865

Between keeping Jace away from the stairs and keeping him away from the pet food, I couldn’t seem to get much done.  We have three floors and I was constantly running up and down and Jace would cry anytime I went to a different floor without him, which meant I only had one had to use for unpacking since he was in my other arm….  Luckily, reinforcements arrived in the form of Grandma!  YAY!

Jace has discovered playing is much more fun when he has an audience.  He now spends a lot of time checking to make sure someone is watching him while he plays….100_5875100_5877

Days are very productive now that Cherie is here.  Jace spends the day playing with Grandma and I spend the day trying to unpack boxes.  The cats are loving all of the extra packaging paper that comes out of the boxes!
100_5881 100_5886 

Jace is learning to use his sippy cups.  He’s teething again so he’s been using the sippy cup with the spout as a teether, but he does understand how to drink if you help him hold it at the right angle.  The sippy cups with a straw are a bit more of a mystery so far.  We’re working on it.  Grandma kept him completely entertained at dinner tonight with drinks from a straw.  He was loving it!
100_5873 100_5892 100_5894

It’s been a great week few days.  We are really liking our new place.  Sleep has been a disaster (I think our longest stretch last night was 40 minutes and most of the stretches of sleep were 20 minutes, tops….), but Jace has still been pretty happy.  And he’s so happy Grandma came to visit!  (Adam and I are, too!)     100_5891


2 thoughts on “A New House and Time with Grandma!

  1. Hurray for the new place, and hurray for Sherri being there to help out! I love the pics of her with Jace! All smiles all around! It looks like things are shaping up quickly! Love you lots and Hi to Sherri!

  2. At least everyone’s easily entertained? Paper, pet doors, pet food, stairs…
    I’m glad you got an extra set of hands there to help!
    Jace’s room has really come together- he’s got a lot of toys! And… A birthday coming up… Should I send a new toy… Or shelves to contain the toys, or a magical get jace to sleep machine (I’ll let you keep the copyrights and you can reap the benefits- I think being sleep deprived has earned you the rights!!!!), or ummm boxes/toilet paper to unroll/pet food 😉 (you know the simple pleasures in life!!!)…

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the house all together! Then decorating!

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