What a Day!

Today was exhausting!  Jace decided he wanted to maximize his time with me on Mother’s Day, so he woke up at 12midnight.  And 1am.  And 2am.  And 3am.  And 4:30am.  And then, at 5:45am, he decided we should be up for the day!

The movers showed up at the new place around 8am, so Adam headed over to meet them.  Jace and I took a nap, then started packing things from the hotel room.  The hotel room is absolutely not baby-proofed.  I did NOT plan ahead and I packed the pack’n’play and the toys first – meaning that I had no baby-friendly way to entertain – or contain – Jace.  It made packing very difficult because Jace spent the morning slamming his fingers in doors, unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper, trying to eat the pet food, and falling over when the drawers he was playing with would open/close.  Rough morning for me and Jace.

Rough day for Adam too – he spent over 7 hours standing in the garage checking off boxes as they got unloaded from the truck.  The moving van was huge.  And our new place is in a cul-de-sac.  So the moving van ended up blocking the driveways of our SIXTEEN closest neighbors.  SIXTEEN!  That’s what you get when all the houses are attached, I guess….  Our neighbors were less than thrilled with the moving van.  I was planning on making cookies or something to say hi and sorry, but the idea of doing that for SIXTEEN families is a little intimidating!

Once the movers were done, Adam, Jace, and I explored our new place.  We’re so excited!  I think it’s going to work out really well.  I can’t believe how many boxes we have.  Unpacking could take a while….

We had dinner at CiCi’s Pizza, then got Jace to bed.  Right now Adam’s making the final trip to the new place with all the stuff from the hotel.  It didn’t seem like that much when we had a u-haul, but now that we’re trying to transport everything in the car it seems like a ton of stuff and is taking multiple trips!  The plan is to move everything we can tonight so that tomorrow, while Adam’s at work, I only have to contend with the essential items (jammies from tonight, litter box, pet food, etc) and the family (Cody, Claire, Cuervo, and Jace!).  It’s been a long day and we’re all exhausted.  And guess what?  JACE IS SLEEPING!  He has been asleep for 2.5 hours now.  Straight!  We haven’t had a stretch this long in over a month!  Yaaaaaaay Jace!!!!

I don’t want to have a post without pictures, but I can’t find my camera right now – maybe it’s in the car? – so I’m posting pictures from my phone.  We went furniture shopping Friday evening and picked out a new couch and loveseat (just the couch and loveseat, the rug/lamps/tables/etc., and we got the lighter color).  Jace loved furniture shopping because it was a huge open area filled with soft stuff to explore.  He crawled all over the place!

0510141546b (2) 0510141546c (2)

I won’t post again until we get internet set up, but when that is all set up I’ll be able to post pictures of our new place!  Yay!  Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!


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