We Signed a Lease!

We signed a lease!  Yay!!!!  We’re pretty excited.  As I said, there’s a ton of competition for rental properties right now, so we feel very lucky to have gotten such a great one.  So, here it is (red box – makes it look small, but it’s over 1,600 sq. ft.).  The carpet cleaners were there when I took the picture.  It’s one of the middle units in a row of townhouses.  All the houses here are rowhouses or townhouses or whatever they’re called.  Anyways, it seems really nice and we’re happy with it.  The movers deliver our stuff tomorrow at 8am and we check out of the hotel on Monday morning.  Hurray!!!!  More pictures soon!

Since tomorrow will be a day of moving – movers in the morning, a zillion trips from the hotel to the new house, packing/unpacking the essentials – Adam took me out for a Mother’s Day dinner tonight.  We went to Zoup and it was delicious!  Jace has macaroni and cheese all over his face in the picture.  He was so hungry!100_5806


2 thoughts on “We Signed a Lease!

  1. Soooooo exciting!!! The townhouse looks super! I’m so glad it all worked out so well. Can’t wait for more pics. Oh, and now we can tell what Jace will look like with a moustache! !!!! Such a cutie pie. Hope he liked the noodles!!!

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