10 Months – Adjusted

If Jace had been born on his due date, he’d be 10 months old now.  Instead, we’re starting to think about his 1 year birthday!  Below are some pictures of 10 months – adjusted.  No comparison pictures right now, partially because I’m lazy and partially because I figure I’ll post 12 months worth of pictures on his birthday, so you’ll get plenty of comparison then!
100_5713 100_5714 100_5715

Things have been hectic lately….  We went to a lease signing on Tuesday and it was a disaster.  Our stuff is going to be delivered on Sunday, so we were in a frenzy trying to find a new rental.  The rental market here is rough – there are a few great places and a ton of awful listings.  And the vast majority of the nice places don’t allow pets!  We THINK we have a new rental lined up.  The lease signing is tomorrow at 10:30am, so we’ve got our fingers crossed!

Between house hunting and lease negotiations, Jace and I went to the park with our friends Lincoln and Tiffany!  They were re-mulching the playground while we were there and both boys were pretty mesmerized by the dump truck.  Wouldn’t even look up for a picture….  There are some fun parks around here – and it looks like there are some nice parks in the neighborhood we’re hoping to rent in, also.  Should be a fun summer!100_5700


One thought on “10 Months – Adjusted

  1. Love the pictures! I am so glad you and Jace found Tiffany and Lincoln. I think it is cool that the boys liked the dump truck. Very boyish of them. Good luck with your move!

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