The Maine Adventure

What a weekend!  Friday afternoon we loaded up the car and drove to Maine.  The states over here are all so small and so close together – it’s great!  Anyways, Jace napped a little for the first part of the drive.  When he woke up, we stopped for dinner.  We were driving through little towns in Connecticut (I think?) and decided to stop at the Desert Moon Cafe.  It was a perfect choice!  Delicious food.  The place was really noisy which kept Jace fascinated – and covered up the fact that he was in a very loud and talkative mood!  A little kid (the owner’s son?) stopped by our table with a sombrero full of tiny toys.  He turned to Jace and asked him if he’d like a toy.  Adam and I were about to step in – to say Jace didn’t understand what the kid was saying and was too young to pick out his own toy – but before we could say anything, Jace stared straight at the kid, then turned his attention to the sombrero of toys.  He stirred through the options before deciding on a small orange maraca.  And that was it.  He carefully picked just one toy out of the hat and started playing with it right away.  He loved it!  It was a very cute interaction.  And then, to top off the already great dining experience, the restaurant had just gotten a new ice cream machine and was giving out free ice cream.  YAY!  It was a great dinner stop!
100_5673 100_5675

We continued driving and Jace fell asleep.  We made it to our hotel around 12:30am.  Our hotel was in Kennebunk, Maine and was really nice.  We all went straight to sleep (even Jace) and slept in the next morning until 9am.  It was wonderful!  The hotel breakfast was yummy and they had a high chair for Jace to use which was incredibly convenient.  We didn’t have many plans for the day, but it turns out that there’s a big May Day festival in Kennebunk each year.  So, we headed to the festivities!  We watched the parade, checked out some craft booths, and then got pizza for lunch.
100_5690 100_5676100_5680 100_5682

Next, we headed to the beach!  It was cloudy, but Jace was excited to touch the water!
100_5687 100_5683  100_5688

Adam wanted lobster for dinner, so we went to a seafood restaurant we’d been to the year before.  Jace had refused his afternoon nap, so we were a little worried about how he’d do in the restaurant.  It was crowded and service was slow, but Jace was in a GREAT mood.  He smiled at everyone, talked for most of the meal, ate oyster crackers by the handful, and waved at everyone around us.  And everyone around us just encouraged the behavior.  By the end of the meal, Jace had made a ton of new friends!  We headed back to the hotel for bed time stories and sleep.
photo 2 photo 1

The next morning we had breakfast together, then dropped Adam at Shellback Artworks – the comic store that was having the big Ninja Turtle signing (the reason for the whole trip!).  Jace and I hung out at the hotel, Jace napped, and then we met up with Adam a few hours later.  We stood in line for ever and ever, but finally made it to the front of the line.  Adam got some stuff signed, bought a few books, and found out that a letter he wrote to the Ninja Turtle guys got published in the latest comic book.  Yay!  After the signing, we got on the road to drive back to Pennsylvania.  We drove through a little bit of rain – and saw some really pretty rainbows!

For dinner we stopped at a service area along I-95 and discovered an amazing restaurant.  CheeseBoy.  Grilled cheese sandwiches to go!  It was even more delicious than it sounds!

We drove right though NYC.  Traffic wasn’t bad, but the directions there are crazy.  Lots of one way streets, lots of random bridges, lots of quick turns, lots of tolls.  Next time we’ll drive around the city like we did on the way up….  It’s still pretty cool to realize how close we are to NYC.  We’ll definitely be looking into the park-n-ride system once we’re more settled.  We made it back to our hotel around 11:30pm and Jace and I headed right to bed.  Adam stayed up to check out all his new Ninja Turtle stuff.  It was a great weekend!

In other news, here’s a picture of Jace’s TOOTH!  It’s hard to see, but it’s finally visible now.  Once it’s a little further through the gum I’ll be able to take a picture looking sideways so it’s easier to see….

Lastly, today was Cinco de Mayo – and the seven year anniversary of adopting Claire, Cody, and Cuervo!  Rather than have Chicken Viola in our hotel room, we headed to Taco Bell for some authentic Mexican food.  It was yummy.  Jace had some tortilla too.  We brought tortilla scraps home for Cuervo and gave the cats extra treats so they could be in on the celebration.  And tomorrow we (hopefully) sign the lease on our new rental.  Yay!
100_5697 photo 3


One thought on “The Maine Adventure

  1. SO sad we were out of town during your trip! I would have loved to come along on your adventures, and we could have introduced Jace to Sophie. I wonder if he would understand she’s a dog, or just assume she’s a funny-looking cat? I hope you’ll come up here again soon. WAL

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