Ironpigs Baseball

Weekends are fun!  Saturday was low-key.  We spent a lot of time driving around looking at the outside of available rental properties.  On Sunday, we went to the Ironpigs game!  We had club level seats, which was really nice.  It was COLD outside.   We sat in our seats while they were in the sun, then moved inside once the area was in the shade!
100_5619 100_5621100_5631

The weather was gorgeous so Jace and I explored a local playground yesterday.  100_5638 100_5640

Today was rainy.  We hung out in the hotel room, checked out the local dog park (for about 5 minutes before we decided it was too cold!), and went grocery shopping.  We also got ready for Lincoln’s birthday party tomorrow!
100_5653 100_5662 100_5666

We have been checking out a few places to live these last few evenings.  The place we saw yesterday was a disaster, but the place was saw tonight was promising.  The hotel we’re staying at is nice, but it will be great to get into our own place.  Although…. we recently found out that our hotel puts out DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies every day at 3pm.  How did we not know this for the past two weeks?!  Adam says we’ll just have to take two cookies a day for the next two weeks to make up for lost time!


3 thoughts on “Ironpigs Baseball

  1. he’s just about the age you were when i made the SALbum, that picture of him in the swing reminds me of that…

  2. His expressions are so well captured, the playground and baseball game looks fun, and what is in the birthday present box??!!!!! It’s tall! And people want to know! I’m curious!

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