Play, Play, Play!

It’s been another busy few days – Jace has quite the social calendar lately!

We went to a playdate at his friend Reagan’s house.  There were TONS of kids there and lots of really fun toys.  Jace really liked the toy table (see the first picture).  Today we had Reagan and Lincoln over to go swimming in the hotel pool – and Reagan brought the toy table for us to borrow while we’re in the hotel!  Jace is loving it.  We are soooo going to have to buy new batteries before we give it back!
100_5580 100_5582  100_5587 100_5598

I couldn’t get Jace to take his second nap today.  We got comfy on the bed, read the naptime book, and turned off the lights, but he wasn’t having it.  All the animals joined us for naptime and they had no problem falling asleep.  Jace was much more interested in talking and crawling around on the bed….

Reading to the Animals – video

Everyone is happy when Adam gets home from work!

Playing with Daddy – video

Lastly, Jace has discovered a new way to ride in the shopping cart.  Such a daredevil!
photo-21 (2)


2 thoughts on “Play, Play, Play!

  1. He is SUCH a cutie-pie! And no more baby — He’s 100% little boy. Watch out when he starts walking — he is going to TAKE OFF, with a huge smile on his face. When you do your first “chase him down, calling his name, as he runs as fast as he can, laughing, up and down the aisles in a huge store” thing. We’ve all done it, and we all know how it feels. You feel silly, while your kid feels his first taste of FREEDOM! Woo hoo! Ahhhh, the good old days…

  2. Just when I think the posts and pictures can’t get any cuter…. They do!!!!

    Everything is made into sooooo much fun!!!!! Love it!!

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