Eleven Months Old

What a full day!  Today Jace is 11 months old.  And he ALMOST has a tooth.  The tooth has broken the surface of the gums, but you can’t see it yet….  When he bites on your finger you can certainly feel it though!  It’s nice because I don’t think the tooth is hurting him as much (at all?) anymore.  Last night was a pretty good night!  He woke up every 45 minutes until 11:30pm.  At that point I was ready for bed.  After that I only remember waking up twice before 5:30am.  HURRAY!  ‘Course maybe I woke up more times than that and they all blurred together….  But I’m going to assume not!

This morning started out with some playing under the table.  It’s a favorite hotel pastime.
100_5556 100_5558

After first nap, we headed to Tumble-rama!  Technically the playtime is for kids ages 1 – 5, but they let the younger kids in too.  Today there was a group of 5 big kids playing (pretty roughly!) on one play area.  Jace saw them and took off crawling to get a better look.  These boys were climbing all over the place – knocking into each other and falling all over the mats – Jace was completely undaunted.  He crawled right into the middle of it!  You could tell he wanted to crawl through the mat arches/tunnel, but the big kids were guarding it pretty closely so Jace didn’t really get a chance….  Maybe next week!

Jace played on another mat climbing thing with his friend, Lincoln.  100_5560

He played peek-a-boo with Lincoln’s mom.100_5561

He contemplated crawling through a blue tunnel – but when he put his first knee inside and the whole tunnel rocked a little he decided it didn’t sound like that much fun….100_5562

After Tumble-rama, we went to Chick fil A and Jace and Reagan shared some snacks.100_5566

After all that excitement, it was nap time – and then it was time to wait by the window for Adam to get home.  Yay!100_5568

It was after bath time when we remembered to take the 11 month pictures (oops!).  As usual, it was impossible to get Jace to lay still on his back.  But he was still all smiles! 100_5572 100_5576


One thought on “Eleven Months Old

  1. This baby is beautiful. He is such a handsome boy. I love that he is playing with his friends and I love that HAS friends. The description of the big boys playing and Jace not being afraid is SO COOL. Yay! He is looking so happy and healthy! I wish I could be there! I love you guys so much.

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